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Making Matchies

2015 04 13 Watermelon Socks 3Admittedly, growing up and after many tries to become a knitter, I thought I was strictly going to crochet. What enjoyment could I get out of knitting? It went slow… it frustrated me… and quite frankly someone like me messing with pointy sticks just doesn’t seem like a very safe thing for my personal self and others.

But – as I have said before – after meeting my current yarn group several years ago, I actually learned to knit (somewhat properly) and could, under most circumstances, say that I enjoy knitting. Read the rest of this entry »


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A Rough Start to Loving the Results (or: The Man’s scarf was a real pain in my arse!) – a photo journey

My family took a wacky trip to Iowa earlier this year… and I stopped a WONDERFUL little shop called the Knit & Knot in Bettendorf, IA… and I bought some yarn… and the Man wanted me to buy some yarn to make him a scarf…. and I did.

These are the photos of that story. Read the rest of this entry »


YOP 2015 Update


Total Items: 15
Total Complete: 4 (27%)
In Progress: 1 (7%)

I’m cruising right along with my YOP 2015 list. Of course – I have added several items because that’s simply how I roll. *winks*

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Garter Rib Baby Blanket – A Pattern Review

As I recently blogged, I was in need of a baby blanket for a friend and I decided that, unlike many others I have made, I wanted to try knitting it. I found my way to Ravelry, as many of us do, and zeroed in on a pattern.

This review is of the Garter Rib Baby Blanket written by Orange Flower Yarns. This pattern can be downloaded for free on Ravelry.

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A Baby Blanket

2015 03 05 Baby Blanket 3There is absolutely¬† nothing sweeter than baby knits and crochets – there, I said it. I’m not a “baby person” per say, but I do like making all those tiny little things and seeing the parents have something a little extra to help care for their littlest family member. Granted, I normally do crochet items because they go faster, but sometimes something knit is just sweet as pie and totally necessary (even though it takes me forever to complete). Read the rest of this entry »