Monthly Archives: June 2016

Have you seen me?

It has finally happened. In all the years as a sock knitter and knitted sock wearer – my first “lost mate” has occurred. And, sadly, to one of my more favorite pairs of hand knit socks. I’ve properly checked the laundry hamper, the baskets of clean clothes, in the dryer, in the washer, between the washer and dryer, between the dryer and wall…. and nothing.

I will be making my way to the teenagers rooms as well as all cabinets, including kitchen.

I wholeheartedly believe the sock gnomes finally got wind of just how awesome hand knit socks are and decided to take a lil nip.

I will not rest.

I will find you little buddy… I will find you.



Finally a Finished Project

fingerless1This year has been a relatively strange year for me. Work is exciting and busy. Family life is exciting and busy. Fiber life has almost stalled. I have done some spinning, which was nice. I have done a little crochet – that is nice too. Of course, I would like to be doing a lot more than I am. Read the rest of this entry »