Monthly Archives: February 2018

Funding a Dream…

I know I haven’t been posting much but the reality is I have been very focused on my health and making life realizations. I still play with yarn – not as often as I would like due to work, but I’m making more time for it because it is part of my very fiber (pun intended hehe).

My husband lost his job in December which has put us into a place of discussion and discovery.

My family is helping me get something going – its been a dream of mine to be in a position to help animals and now I think I’m ready. My dream: start an animal sanctuary. I want to live and promote a cruelty-free, self-sustainable lifestyle.

I am asking that you visit my GoFundMe page and consider a donation – but please, if anything, just share. When you share the page, GoFundMe marks the more popular initiates as “trending” and moves them up. Even without a donation, sharing helps us get seen. Of course, I have to say “every little bit helps” – because it does.

GoFundMe Page Link

I appreciate your reading this message and this blog.

Besides, if I can get this sanctuary going, I know any abused or discarded alpacas will find a home with me…. and I will spin their fleece and knit it into yummy things.

God Bless.