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My First Illusion Knit

As many of you already know, each Christmas my family draws names. You are then expected to make a home made gift for that person (its not the only gift… its just one gift they receive). This last Christmas, I selected my brother’s name. I had NO idea what I was going to make him. Without planning anything, I saw a small illusion knit pattern on Ravelry… and that got me to thinking.

I ended up really researching out some larger pieces, and omgooses – there are some AMAZING items out there (like any item from Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer from Woolly Thoughts).

I looked into how to make my own chart and how to actually do the piece and got to it. I figure if you are going to do it – go big or go home :) No “start off small” for me – no way!

So… now that the holiday has passed and the gift has been given (and loved, as far as I could tell) – I present to you: my first illusion knit.

BTW: its a griffin, in case you can’t tell *laughs*

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FO Friday: March 16, 2012

A video update showing the things I’ve recently made.

Interested in other FO Friday posts (mostly blog posts, I think), visit Tami’s Amis blog and check out the Mr. Linky.

iYarny Chat Page:

iYarny Ravelry Page:

Pattern for Cabled Heart 6×6 Square:

Pattern for Ruffled Scarf:

Pattern for 12×12 Square:


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WIP Wednesday: Mar 14, 2012

And here I am showing you what I have going on in the craft section of my life…

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Pure Yarn Silliness

We genuinely like to have fun together – and that comes out when we are yarn shopping too!

Here is a quick video (intro is longer than the funny) of my son being completely silly while we were out yarn shopping last weekend.

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[Mail] My Bumper Sticker Win!

I don’t know if any of you saw or knew, but Crochet Concupiscence had a giveaway – and I’m one of the winners!

I open my package on camera, give my own babbling type review, and give out some information on the giveaway, including that it came from her sponsor, BuildASign.


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[FOTH] February 20, 2012

My Fresh Off The Hook Video for Monday, February 20th.

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[FOTH] January 17, 2012

My Fresh off The Hook video. If you aren’t familiar with what FOTH is, just ask!

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