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Hmph – what to do….

This is a no picture kinda day.

I sat last night and started the Men’s Vest from my Year of Projects list and found that I didn’t like how it was working up with the yarn. If you remember from previous blog posts, I had started the vest with a different yarn and didn’t like it then. I’m beginning to think that the problem isn’t the yarn – it’s the pattern. I start working it up and I really just don’t like it very much.

So then I got to thinking – I could find a replacement garment and do an even swap out. Well – that didn’t work out so well either. I went through my magazine and found nothing. I went through Ravelry and found a few things, but they were all knit. I went through my magazines again and found a nice crochet sweater, but I have to admit, I read through the pattern and it confused the crap outta me. I did start that one but the pattern was not working well with the yarn. I’d have to go buy more yarn and I really don’t want to do that.

And I’m brought back to the thought that the patterns I really liked on Rav were knit patterns.

Unfortunately – my knitting skills are extremely immature right now.

So what do I do? Take the project off the list completely? I know I don’t like the pattern I picked now that I’ve started it with different yarns…. and I cannot find a suitable crochet replacement…. and knitting a full sweater right now is kinda out of the question considering I seriously suck at knitting right now (good enough for small easy projects, not good enough to tackle a sweater and have it done by Christmas).

I’m looking for some advise – help help help!


Q is for Queen

And that is exactly how the man made me feel today.

I admit I had a rough day at work. I came home and simply crashed. I wanted nothing to do with anything – only to kick my shoes off and breathe a moment.

He asked me to go see a picture in the guest room because he didn’t know where he should hang it.

I said later.

He started playing around, trying to get me off the couch – and the more he pushed and pulled, the more like a marionette I became. Laughing, he pushed the couch to the hallway entrance and announced that’s as far as he could get me. Begrudgingly, I finally went to the door and what did my little eyes behold – a new yarn stash organizing shelving unit!!!!!!

Apparently he bought it yesterday – I was not feeling well and napped while he and the kids went shopping. And this morning he put it together and even put my yarn in all the basket cubbies. I was totally surprised!

It’s very exciting, to say the least. I was very surprised and felt very special that he would do something like that for me, especially as crabby as I was to him yesterday (again, I didn’t feel very well although I acknowledge that is no reason to get crabby with people, especially your loved ones).

Then to top it off, we had to go shopping. He asked if I wanted to go out to dinner and had me believing that we were going to go to our favorite little Mexican restaurant – much to my surprise, he turned early and took me to my favorite Japanese hibatchi grill – a very nice place.

After filling me full of wonderful food, we went shopping for some new shirts for our son and was taken down the basket aisle to get a new, matching basket for my hooks and needles.

What a day… a completely, unexpected wonderful day – one fit for a yarn queen


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Year of Projects: Week 9

Project Percentage Complete: 29%
Overall Percentage Complete: 41%
Number of Project Items: 28
Number of Added Items: 21
Total Items: 49

Considering I was out of town last week, my Year of Projects post was pretty “blah” – no text to tell you all about my progress. So let’s start from last Sunday for this post.

I was out for the weekend visiting my mother. In that weekend, I was able to use up a ball and a half of cotton yarn in making washcloths. My mother cabbaged onto those relatively quickly so I have no photos to share of them. Adding those three cloths to my overall total upped my overall percentage complete a few percent but they did not help my project percent complete.

I didn’t go to yarn group on Wednesday because I had a pretty blah headache. I sat for a bit when my daughter asked me to open her new package of ear buds. Oddly, they are required for school since a lot of lab work is done. At least they are thinking about personal hygiene and how gross it would be for 25 kids to share a handful of ear buds. Anywhoozles, I took the opportunity to pick up the hook and crochet a little pouch. It’ll be good since they could easily get switched with some of the other girls who my daughter said had the same ear buds.

While I have slowed down considerably on my dining room table runner, I did decide to make the Spiderweb Diamonds pattern in the August 2011 Crochet World magazine. I am making it using regular ole acrylic WW yarn, dark brown. I have a half wall at the front door that we plan on tearing out. In fact, it had slats going from the wall to the ceiling and several of those have already been removed. This is why I need the “runner” there. The original pattern called for #10 thread and would work up more as a doily. The one I am making is much thicker and sturdier and should hopefully serve its purpose well.

I do know that my non-list item list is growing insanely quick. I could not have anticipated all of these wonderful projects jumping out at me BUT I do need to reign myself in soon and start working on the three big Christmas presents: the men’s vest, the afghan, and the Joseph wrap. If I don’t get serious soon, coupled with school I’ll never get all my Christmas presents finished.

Speaking of, this week landed me back in school. I’m wrapping up my final semester for my master’s degree. I figure that I may slow down a bit, but hopefully not stall to a complete stop as I have plenty of things I need to finish before Christmas. My internship is what kept me from putting a bunch of other items on my list – I’m hoping to at least make it through this short list.

Project List Items (not complete)

Filet Market Bag
Lacet Table Runner […started…]
– Throw for living room sofa (no pattern selected yet)
Men’s Vest (Christmas present)
– Round Afghan/Throw (potential Christmas present)
– Angel Tree Topper
– Joseph Wrap from Crochet! Magazine (as Christmas present)
– 11 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (office Christmas presents)
– 2 sets of Golf Club Covers (no numbers) – (as Christmas presents)

Project List Items (done)
– 3 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (personal use)
– 4 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (as office Christmas presents)
– Easy Cabled Scarf (my own pattern) 

Added Items (not complete)
– Wristlet Bag (adjusting pattern) [65% complete]
– EnviroTote Market Bag #4 [90% complete]
– 2 Kitchen Chair Wall Protector
– 4 thread crochet coasters
– WW Yarn Runner for  ledge [25% complete]

Added Items (done)
– Wristlet Bag (making my own pattern)
– Mystery CAL Beach Bag
– 4 Knit Washcloth
– 3 Crochet Dishcloth
– 2 Kitchen Chair Wall Protector
– Ear Bud “purse”

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Remember Grandma: Post 1

I have decided to share items out of the box I received from my mother. The box houses items my grandmother gathered shortly before her death. The emotions are hard to describe but there is something there that inspires me to share this experience with me.

Today I opened the box on my own terms. I wasn’t looking for anything specific, only to begin removing some items and remembering long lost memories.

The first item I took from the box was a small jewelry box. In it was a silver charm bracelet adorned with horse related charms. There was a horse head, a horse shoe, and a covered wagon to name a few.

Not related to horses but in the same box, were for additional charms. Three of the charms were on the cardboard from original purchase. There were four states in all, Florida included. I’m guessing it was something my grandmother wanted to collect. She got a good start but soon forgot. Or perhaps the charms she was looking for were disconnected. I dunno.

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure why she would leave this for me other than I was the only grandchild that had horses and genuinely loved to be around horses. I think the state charms were just in the box – it was the horse theme she was looking at when deciding to put this item in a box especially for me.

The next item I pulled out was a rather yellowed organizer box. It had a lot of thread in it, mostly new. There was also a thimble inside. The most touching item in this box was the finger pin cushion.

I am not sure if Grandma made this thing or even if she used it (I never saw her use it) but for some reason she kept it in this box in its own little slot. Either someone gave it to her or she used it religiously (out of my sight)… and it got a special spot.

Well, Grandma can rest assured knowing that if she took care of it, even if I don’t know the reason why, I’ll take care of it too.

Anyone care to take a stab in the dark at what this is?

Hint: it is not craft related *laughs*

My Grandma and Grandpa *L-O-V-E-D* to travel. I don’t know how old I was but I know I was very small when my Grandpa bought a Winnebago. They went everywhere. They loved to go to campgrounds and they belonged to various groups that focused on going places in the mini-home.

This little gem was her travel ashtray. She took this little treasure everywhere in that motor home. She never used it at home and quite frankly, I’m surprised it ever left the motor home. I’m not sure why she chose to give it to me considering I’m not a smoker, but for some reason she bestowed this memory-reminder to me.

The final item I’d like to share with you today is a pincushion, hand made by my grandmother. I’m not sure when she made it but I know I had never seen her use it. My mother confirmed she made it.

She took a can and did some simple adornments to it to come up with this adorable little pin cushion. I think I’m going to attempt to re-make it in my own style; however, Grandma’s works just fine right now too.

I did think it a little cute at how old the pins in this cushion are. I left them in it and feel that those pins have lived a long life in that pincushion – who am I to come along and muck it up.

I have to say that other than the ash tray, the few items I have pulled from the box are not necessarily things I remember existing within my Grandmother’s life. But I know they were hers and I know they meant something for her to want to give them to me. Perhaps the stories will slowly come together and one day I will know. Right now I am content knowing my Grandmother thought of me.

If you are not familiar with this series, please start with the introductory post located here.


Remembering Grandma

The family was able to steal away from our busy existance and make the 2 and a half hour trip to my mother’s house last weekend for a good visit. I hadn’t been able to visit with my mom for a couple of months so it was really nice to be able to sit and chat with her. Perhaps it was selfish of me, but I made no plans to visit with anyone else outside of her, my brother, and my sister-in-law. I don’t even know if anyone else knew we were in town.

Of course, if they read this blog they know now. *chuckles* I’m sure they don’t so all is well in Cris-ville.

Not sure if you all remember my G is for Grandma post, but this was my maternal grandma.

I usually take a travel project or two with me when I go to Mom’s house. I was sitting in the living room and cast off a dish cloth and needed a tapestry needle. Taking a long shot, I asked my mother if she had one. She said no but quickly corrected herself to say she may have one that is mine.

I was rather confused considering I keep my crafting supplies under strict lock and key rather organized and know I never leave anything behind. Everything has a place, you know. So she led me to the guest room where she proceeded to pull a carboard box out. She said my grandmother, before she passed away, had begun packing things for the grandkids – things she wanted us to have and knew we would enjoy. Apparently grandma knew me well enough to know that I was a sewing fiend.

I went through the box briefly because it was becoming a rather emotional experience for me. I was actually surprised at how emotional I became – I did not know I had buried all of those tears.

So I think, perhaps, I may slowly begin to unpack the box. For the blog, I think I may take a picture of the items as I unpack them and go over any memories or why grandma thought perhaps I would use the item – Obviously this would be more of a series on the blog because I am not sure I can go through the box that quickly. I’m not 100% sure of what is in the box, but I know there are some pretty interesting items that you may be interested in seeing – perhaps if not crochet related, still craft related and interesting nonetheless.

As for me and my blog – I am not sure I will get around to posting tomorrow. My YOP summary post is up-to-date. I do my best to keep that one current so if I cannot get to it before it auto-posts, what is on it is still accurate to my week’s progress. I had no FOs other than the small ear bud purse I posted about yesterday –

Other than that, I do hope you all are having a fantastic, creative, and wonderful day.
~ Cris


Worsted Knitt’s Designer of the Month

Oh dear readers, you know I don’t normally post twice in one day but gracious – I have some fun and exciting news.

Yours truly was selected to be Worsted Knitt’s Designer of the Month – that’s right… ME! Even more of an honor is that I am the first crochet designer to be featured on the site. How exciting is that?

I’m pretty darn excited, to say the least. Lumia, from Worsted Knitt, e-interviewed me and was patient with my forgetful ways.

Interested in reading the interview? Here’s the link!

Be sure to look around Worsted Knitt while you are there, especially if you are a knitter. I found the website while looking for beginner knit patterns, but I have to admit, I love looking through the gallery and the book reviews are fantastic.


Ear Bud "Purse"

I could technically wait until Friday to post this but I am choosing not to wait… simply because I don’t like waiting *laughs*

If anyone is interested, I could write the pattern up.

I will probably write about this again in my Sunday review of my Year of Projects progress – but I’m gonna tell you why now too. *laughs*

I stayed home from yarn group last night because I had a headache. I sat watching TV when my daughter brought her ear buds to me. They were still in the package. She said she tried to get them open at school but couldn’t. Ear buds were on the list of school supplies since there is a lot more lab work for the kids. It’s a good idea, really, simply for personal hygiene.

So instead of sitting there, I figured picking up the hook may take my mind off my headache. It only took about 45 minutes total to whip up the little ear bud purse pictured above. I used scrap yarn. The flower is raised from the disk. The back is the same green as the edge and handle.

I’m sure there are a million things I could do different to better the design but for a quick job off the top of my head, I don’t think it turned out too badly.


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P is for Practice

One of the most important words for crochet is practice. I know the only reason that I am able to keep a relatively steady gauge and tension is that I have had many years to practice the craft – this isn’t to say when I take on a new technique of crochet that I don’t have problems… I do. I just keep at it until it looks right and I can do it consistently.

a boo-boo

An example would be my recent return to knitting. I am by far good at it. In fact, dare I say – I stink to the high heavens! My tension is strange and I am constantly splitting the yarn or twisting the stitch the wrong way. That may not sound promising but the truth is – I’m a lot better than I was a month ago. I am doing all of those same things but with much less frequency – and that, to me dear readers, is progress! (another P word, YAY!)

I know that learning a new craft is frustrating and sometimes daunting. The hook doesn’t want to grab the yarn or the yarn has a death grip on the hook… but I promise you with practice you will progress to precision in producing professional looking pieces.

HA – now that’s a lot of Ps :)

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Year of Projects: Week 8

Project Percentage Complete: 29%
Overall Percentage Complete: 36%
Number of Project Items: 28
Number of Added Items: 10
Total Items: 44

I desperately hate modifying a post after it has been published and viewed by others; however, I needed to drop some text in here (or something). You see, I was out for the weekend and I thought that I put this auto post thing in queue WITH information; however, I obviously put in the basic stats on my progress but I forgot to write anything!

So for the last week, I worked on my table runner a wee bit and didn’t do much else. I rode my bike with the kids a lot…. and I cleaned the house… a lot. – but other than that, not much has been happening. I am getting motivated to start the men’s vest though…. maybe this week……


Project List Items (not complete)

Filet Market Bag
Lacet Table Runner […started…]
– Throw for living room sofa (no pattern selected yet)
Men’s Vest (Christmas present)
– Round Afghan/Throw (potential Christmas present)
– Angel Tree Topper
– Joseph Wrap from Crochet! Magazine (as Christmas present)
– 11 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (office Christmas presents)
– 2 sets of Golf Club Covers (no numbers) – (as Christmas presents)

Project List Items (done)
– 3 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (personal use)
– 4 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (as office Christmas presents)
– Easy Cabled Scarf (my own pattern) 

Added Items (not complete)
– Wristlet Bag (adjusting pattern) [65% complete]
– EnviroTote Market Bag #4
– 2 Kitchen Chair Wall Protector
– 4 thread crochet coasters

Added Items (done)
– Wristlet Bag (making my own pattern)
– Mystery CAL Beach Bag
– 2 Knit Washcloth
– 2 Crochet Dishcloth
– 2 Kitchen Chair Wall Protector

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WIP Wednesday

Oh boy – I almost missed an opportunity to post the mega-progress I have made on the table runner…

Ok, just kidding – other than being a little longer, it looks pretty much the same as it did last week.

I will admit that I’m a little worried. I think that I tightened my gauge a little so there is a possibility that my table runner will be more trapezoidal than rectangular.


Right now its not terrible but I would not be feeling too well if I had to rip the whole thing out and start over – or at least start over 2 inches from the end.

That, my friends, would be depressing.

But for now I’m just plugging along hoping that a good blocking will solve my problem in the end.

baobab (c) Cris Porter, 2011

On a completely non-crochet related note, and quite frankly more of an FO than a WIP, I decided to spend my Tuesday night painting. I don’t know why – I just felt like it.

First, my apologies for the picture quality. I have found that while a lot of things can photograph just fine inside, a painting needs to be outside. And right now it’s 11pm and I’m pretty sure it’s lighter inside than it is out.

I’m not sure on the size, I think it’s 16×24 (I didn’t pay attention) and painted in acrylics on canvas. I call the painting “baobab” as it is inspired by Le Petit Prince, or the Little Prince. If you have not read the book, I highly suggest it – and even more so read it in French, the original language, if you can.

It is funny because after I painted it, I sat and played the cloud game in my photo and it seems I did a distinct Nessie or sea turtle (depending on who you are) and a rather cloudy looking whale. And then I looked at the painting. Knowing the story and the purpose of the baobab, I began to actually feel sorry for the little moon/planet.

I dunno – I’m such a dork.

Anywhoozles – that’s all I have for today. I hope you have a great day!


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