Making Matchies

24 Apr

2015 04 13 Watermelon Socks 3Admittedly, growing up and after many tries to become a knitter, I thought I was strictly going to crochet. What enjoyment could I get out of knitting? It went slow… it frustrated me… and quite frankly someone like me messing with pointy sticks just doesn’t seem like a very safe thing for my personal self and others.

But – as I have said before – after meeting my current yarn group several years ago, I actually learned to knit (somewhat properly) and could, under most circumstances, say that I enjoy knitting.

I think what I enjoy most is sock knitting. I don’t do the super fancy stuff. I have only knit a couple pairs of socks with some fancy stitch along the top of the food and the top of the sock – me, I like making vanilla socks. I can make them relatively quickly and they are not too hard on my brain so they make for easy public knitting (only recently can I say that – the heel was a bear)

An important tidbit to know about me is I’m a bit “particular” about certain things. And with certain sock yarns, I really really REALLY like for the stripes to match up. I really only get this way for socks I make for me – I figure other people are ok with hand knit socks and are either ok or will deal with it if the stripes don’t match. But – I am me and if I’m going to make me something, I want to make me something that I really want – and in the case of self striping yarn – I like matchies!

2015 04 13 Watermelon Socks 1

These are my most recently finished socks – and yes, they are for me. I used Opal sock yarn in “Sweet and Spicy.” There was a picture of a watermelon on the ball band and I do think that these colors are inspired by the yummy summer melon… so they remind me of summer.

And I love them.. and I love that this is quite possibly the closest I’ve been to having exact match socks. of course, its a matter of starting in the right place, keeping your gauge consistent, and the dying of the yarn being spot on as far as length of each color.

I have absolutely no control over the latter in that listing, I get that – but if you are a matchie lover like me, then you take as much caution as you can with the first two. Consistent gauge is important no matter what you are making, both for the sizing of any garment AND for visual. As for starting in the right place – I have gotten pretty good at this but if you are not so sure of your starting place, you can always take an extra few steps in identifying out the color patterns of the stripes, starting at a set color change area and measuring how much tail you are leaving so you know exactly what you are getting in to.

I have gotten to where I can guestimate almost where I need to start … but only because I have spent a LOT of time measuring already and understanding just how much yarn I use with my cast on. Measuring, of course, is always the smarter way to go when wanting matchies.

mmmmm I do love matchies!

2015 04 13 Watermelon Socks 2


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2 responses to “Making Matchies

  1. Flo Frazier

    April 28, 2015 at 7:23 am

    They are very pretty Cris!

    • Cris

      May 4, 2015 at 10:09 am



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