A Baby Blanket

14 Apr

2015 03 05 Baby Blanket 3There is absolutely  nothing sweeter than baby knits and crochets – there, I said it. I’m not a “baby person” per say, but I do like making all those tiny little things and seeing the parents have something a little extra to help care for their littlest family member. Granted, I normally do crochet items because they go faster, but sometimes something knit is just sweet as pie and totally necessary (even though it takes me forever to complete).

Recently, a family friend gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL little girl. Before her big entrance, I decided that not only did she need a blanket – it needed to be knit. I found a lovely pattern (Garter Rib Baby Blanket – review coming soon!) and some yarn in my stash and got to knitting.

The present was well received and to the best of my knowledge is being used as much as possible – which is what 2015 03 05 Baby Blanket 1I like to hear. I do not have permission to post any pictures of the baby (mostly because I didn’t actually ask) so unfortunately, you do not get to see her reaping the benefit of a comfy product that hailed from a month long knitting fury.

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