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KnitPicks – Data Leak

I normally do try to stay somewhat on topic but I feel it is important to share this information with my readers, especially knowing many of you shop online at the same places I do.

Recently, it was discovered that the Crafts Americana Group, or CAG, accidentally put a file which included buyer data (name, address, credit card numbers) in a location that was not secure. This means the site was not hacked, but if a person with ill-intent were looking in the right place, this file would have been made available to them relatively easily. You can read the announcement made by CEO Matt Petkun here:

That’s right – that’s a KnitPicks blog link.

CAG includes Knit Picks, Connecting Threads, and Artist’s Club. If you made a purchase from any of these three sites at the latter part of 2012, you may be affected.

The file was made available in an unsecure location mid December until mid January. According to the post by Mr. Petkun, US residents were mailed a letter if their data was in that file. I have not received anything – but from what I can see, no one has actually came forward and said they received any communication their data may have been compromised. He does offer to pay for any fees associated to switching your card information, which is nice.

So basically – this is just to make you aware of the situation. You can do the digging to get all the details. There is one blogger who is timelining the whole incident, although I admit I’m not exactly sure why – her blog is here – and it is specifically for this incident. It is not a blog she had before this and I doubt she’ll maintain it after this situation is resolved.

I have contacted KnitPicks twice since I know a purchase was made there in December asking direct if my information was included in that file. No one has offered to tell me “yes or no” but I will let you know if I ever get an answer from them or a letter in the mail.

If you made any purchases at KnitPicks in the latter part of 2012, you may want to contact your bank or credit card company with this information, letting them know there may be illegal activity on your card or that you want to change your card/account number.

The only reason I’m choosing to post this is because in the circle of blogs I read, I haven’t seen anything about it and I wanted to put it out there for people who may be in the same boat as me – not knowing more than there may be an issue I need to prepare for.


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"Crochet Saved My Life" – get your free kindle copy!

You have no idea how excited I got this morning when sat down for my “morning blog read” before work and saw that Kathryn of Crochet Concupiscence had posted that I had a chance to get a copy of her newest book, Crochet Saved My Life, for free on Kindle.

Welllllll, Lucky me, folks! I own a kindle!

If you own a kindle, you can get your copy free this weekend as well. Here is a link to the announcement on her blog:

You can get it free starting today, January 11th and it continues through Sunday.

Now, keep in mind it doesn’t have to be for just Kindle owners. If you own a tablet you can always get the Kindle Reader application and then use that to grab the book.

Now, because Kathryn is being so nice – the only thing I think she wants in return is an honest review and perhaps for you to pass the word on to others. You may also want to give her a shout out on your blog and it NEVER hurts to pin her book to Pinterest. I think we owe someone willing to give their book away for free something other than a pat on the back – it costs money for this so go to her blog, click around on some ads, send her a paypal donation – but if anything, make sure you do her the favor of writing up a review for her book. I will be reviewing the book on my blog as well as any review site possible, including Amazon.

I’m really looking forward to delving into her book and seeing how crochet has impacted others because I know it has impacted my life and I’m about ready to start another project of change – and I’ll be using crochet as my visual (look for “Crocheting My Life Back” posts to begin soon).

In the meantime – happy reading and happy hooking!
God Bless!


Worsted Knitt’s Designer of the Month

Oh dear readers, you know I don’t normally post twice in one day but gracious – I have some fun and exciting news.

Yours truly was selected to be Worsted Knitt’s Designer of the Month – that’s right… ME! Even more of an honor is that I am the first crochet designer to be featured on the site. How exciting is that?

I’m pretty darn excited, to say the least. Lumia, from Worsted Knitt, e-interviewed me and was patient with my forgetful ways.

Interested in reading the interview? Here’s the link!

Be sure to look around Worsted Knitt while you are there, especially if you are a knitter. I found the website while looking for beginner knit patterns, but I have to admit, I love looking through the gallery and the book reviews are fantastic.


*excited face*

APOLOGY: I swear I had this posted before but when I went to blogger tonight, it was listed as a draft. I thought when I published it, it would go to the original date, which was 5/17.. but it didn’t. My apologies for it being a double post/read for some of you.


First of all – I am excited because the “recent posts” area of blogger seems to be working. I have spent a good amount of time going back and reading. I hope to be all caught up by tomorrow. There are some absolutely lovely crochet and knit items I missed out on when my blog-buddy posted them originally. So for not commenting the day you posted, my apologies. BUT – all is well now.

Celebrate the Square Dishcloth Trio

Second – I have posted a pattern for sale at Ravelry. In all my 30 years of crocheting, I have never once sold a pattern. I don’t know why – I have been writing my own designs for a while now. Perhaps I thought it was too simple to do or worried someone would say it was too silly of me to think the pattern was worth selling.

The pattern I have for sale is called “Celebrate the Square Dishcloth Trio.” The document, delivered as a pdf file, contains the patterns to three dishcloths. All dishcloths are textured, thick, and study.

Right now the pattern is only for sale on Ravelry, but I think I may expand out to Etsy soon.

My plan is to write up a few of my patterns to sell, but not quite in the proportion of the free patterns I provide on my blog. I still like offering free patterns and that will never change.

This is just a new endeavor – an exciting one, to boot!

If you are interested, here is a direct Ravelry link to the pattern: (Rav Link)

However, if you are not a Ravelry member and you want to purchase the pattern, you can do so here: (Buy Now)


In the News: Crocheting Kids

Tucked away in the Everett, Washington news was a tiny little blurb about crochet.

According to the article, Claire Baker’s fifth grade students took on a project. Each was expected to learn crochet, complete a small piece of the project, and be done. However, these tenatious young folks didn’t. In fact, they enjoyed crocheting so much, the 15 students who regularly attended the meetings opted to start an official school club, meeting once a week before school.

In order to make the hats and scarves, the club members were crocheting during their lunch and recess time.

The children were working towards a charitable crocheted donation of hates and scarves to Seattle Children’s Hospital After picking up the donation in April, a hospital representative presented certificates of appreciation to the students for their donation.


Isn’t this a heartwarming story? Seriously – the idea that crochet is helping those in need is not a new idea. What I like is the feeling that these students are bonding with one another through crochet. A lot of focus has been recently poured into cyberbullying and how children struggle in school with making friends and finding their place. These students are doing just that and helping others along the way.

I don’t know – it just makes me think what can I be doing with my own children in the crafting realm to help them help others and to help themselves (self esteem, confidence, knowledge, skill, etc). It is not that they are not crafty, I just think it would be amazing if they had an opportunity to join in a club like the one in the article – but those clubs are not available at their schools. In fact, as disheartening as it seems, my son’s middle school has a club to learn to walk in high heels *long sigh* I read that on their web page and seriously rolled my eyes at the screen, wondering what has happened to our world, our ethics, our values…. who cares if a girl can walk in high heels? … and yes, I had a few smug comments that I’d rather not share here.

But a club to do charity crochet…. I do wish I had more time, I would petition his school and offer my time to teach kids how to crochet.

My daughter’s school was requesting parents with skills to step forward to teach an afterschool course in whatever it was. I pondered some of my other skills but never thought of crochet. Perhaps this is an opportunity to begin spreading the joy of charitable crocheting. I just sit and wish I had more time. But… I think most of us sit with that same wish for whatever reason (more time to crochet, more time for work, more time for family, more time for *fill in the blank*)

I was just glad to see some recognition going to kids who are using crochet as a positive in their lives. I hope they keep up the great work. Props to them from Crochet with Cris!

Question to the Readers:
– What is your favorite charitable crochet project? Be sure you list a website if they have one!

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It’s a Guy Thing…. too

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that while the professional chef industry may be male dominated, crochet is definitely a girl thing – but does it have to be?

I was pleasantly surprised two weeks ago when I attended my first ever yarn group meet-up that a gent was at the end of the table, knitting away. I believe he was sitting next to his wife, but I am too new to the group to be making assumptions.

I was equally as thrilled a few days ago when my son asked me if I could show him crochet so he could craft at the yarn group too. I didn’t think anything of it as I got him started and showed him the half double crochet. (he chose camo yarn… no surprise there).

In the 30 years I have been crocheting, I must admit I have never noticed guys taking up the craft until the last few years, which I personally think is a great thing. Perhaps I didn’t notice because I really don’t view it as a “girls only club.” I may sound like an uneducated oaf to some when I say this: I think that each individual can offer a different perspective to various tasks, and I think that a person’s gender can influence his or her perspective. So having “guy eyes” and “girl eyes” on a project could possibly lend way to more creativity than we already have.

*waits for hate mail on the topic*

Anywhoozles – with all of that said, there is still a negative connotate when it comes to males who crochet or knit. Many times these guys are looked on as weaker or effeminate. To this, I say balogna-sauce! Ya know who else would say balogna-sauce?

Mike Rivera.

Who is Mike Rivera? Well, the sports fan would identify him as a 6′ 2″, 252 pound lineman for the Miami Dolphins who landed himself on the inactive list after getting injured.

However, if you ask the students at Hillcrest Elementary School, they would say he was their crochet instructor ‘Michael.’

Yup – tough man is a hooker too.

According to an article posted on ESPN, Rivera is using the NFL lockout time to crochet more. He learned to crochet when he took a trip to Guatamala, where a former classmate was teaching. Rivera is quoted as saying “people say ‘crochet, isn’t that something old ladies do?’ … Football is masculine and testosterone driven, but I think it shows you can do other things and be well rounded.”

People fight stereotypes every day, including myself; however, Rivera’s openness and willingness to teach children to crochet is tearing down the walls associated to crochet being ‘only for old ladies.’

According to the ESPN article, Rivera does not watch television or play video games. He spends an adequate amount of time volunteering in his community. He volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club and has recently starting teaching crochet. He is even considering opening a shop to sell his crocheted hats as a side project. From the article, it appears that Rivera is taking heed in knowing that he will not be able to play football his entire life. He wants to become a teacher when his football career ends –

Now, the ESPN article doesn’t say if he wants to teach crochet or teach in the traditional sense of the word – but either way, if crochet needed an ambassador to show males it is ok to crochet, I think Mr. Rivera is a good first round pick – or hook, as the case may be.

ESPN Website –
Miami Dolphins Website –


Big Blue Bear; Big Blue Chain

I’m a yarn and crochet junkie. I am always looking for awesome new patterns and really cool techniques, but what a lot of folks do not do is look for crochet in the news. Granted, I don’t get to look everyday and sometimes, there just isn’t anything there. Today, I found some I wanted to share:

Ladies Fancywork Society Tags 42-ft Bear Statue

As it turns out, there is a HUGE bear statue outside the Denver, Colorado Convention Center. The bear is 42 feet tall and, oddly enough, is blue.  As you can see from the picture, it’s rather up close and personal to the Denver Convention Center.

So as it was, this group of crochet enthusients who call themselves the Ladies Fancywork Society have had a long-burning desire to ‘yarn bomb’ the bear…. and they succeeded!

This morning, on April 19th, around 4am, the ladies finished attaching an eight foot ball and chain to the blue bear.

A representative of the yarn artists stated that the ball and chain took 15 miles of yarn to make and was inscribed with the message “Slave to the Craft.” The same representative said it took approximately 20 minutes to set up.

The Denver Post was invited to cover the story in the short time that the bear was wearing his ball and chain.
Unfortunately, just before 7 am, the ball and chain had been removed by convention center workers.
Personally, I think this is am amazing display of art using yarn. It is a shame it was not left up longer for more people to enjoy the craft, the humor, and the sheer effort it took to pull of this ‘yarn bombing’

Brava to the Ladies Fancywork Society!

Thank you to Google for allowing me to search for photos on this – most likely taken by the Denver Post.