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FB Giveaway

Just a reminder to visit my Facebook page (Yarntasia) for a knitting giveaway (this one is geared especially towards those who want to learn to knit!).


On the Food Front – something new

Truth – I do more than play with yarn.

Truth – I wish that weren’t a truth.

One of my responsibilities is to make sure the family is fed. And, I think (like most people/families in the world) we fall into ruts. This year, one of my New Year’s aspirations is to try something new each week in the food department – which translates as: find some yummy looking recipe on Pinterest and make the sucker. Read the rest of this entry »


Project Stats for 2015

shawlI suppose, like others, I should take a moment and look back at what I completed in 2015… perhaps wrap some numbers/percentages around it (because as any of my regular readers know, i LOVE numbers and stats).

So – overall, I finished a total of 49 projects in 2015. The easy stat there is that I finished, basically, one project per week (of course, we know that’s not true!) Read the rest of this entry »


First Time Dyer

I hadn’t had a chance to post before this but I do think I mentioned that I was going to learn to dye yarn at a friend’s house – my friend, a woman I met several years ago through my knitting group, is a multi-faceted fiber artist and fiber enthusiast. She is always trying something new – well, A-with (that’s what I’ll call her) decided to do a dying class in January but wanted to work some kinks out – so being a first time dyer, she asked if I could come over in December and do some dying.

Uhm… YEAH!

No need to ask me twice! Read the rest of this entry »


WIP Wednesday

3a22f-wip_wednesdayTis the season! … well, Day of the Week!

What am I working on? Read the rest of this entry »


Introducing … #naughtyknittykitty

cat 1For those of you who follow my Instagram Account, you have already been introduced to the newest member of our family… and by fire has she initiated us! (I would recommend anyone who likes my quick, more candid shots to follow me on Instagram).

No – that’s not a ferret… its not a bird, and its definitely not a snake with a furry tail – this is Artemis, my #naughtyknittykitty Read the rest of this entry »


Facebook Reminder

If you don’t already, I use my Facebook account (Yarntasia) to share patterns, articles, and other yarn-tastic tidbits with other like minded folks. I’ll even have a few give aways (pattern books) coming up soon!


YOP 2016 – The First Post

06e44-yearofprojectscalendarsquareWhelp, it’s that time of year again – the first YOP post of the year which means a quick introduction to the items I have on my list.

Granted, this is not a complete list. I have thought a bit about what I want to make my family and friends this year for Christmas, but not much beyond that. I am tracking all my YOP items on my Pivotal Tracker (linked on the right) with the label yop2016. Easy enough, eh? Read the rest of this entry »


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