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Excitement Much?

I really do try to not post more than once a day – its a “thing.” But today, I just can’t contain my excitement.

As you all know, I recently put a pattern on Ravelry – it is one of two “for sale” patterns although I did run a free giveaway the first 48 hours it was live. It is the Traditional Stocking Pattern (link is to Ravelry).

So, if watching the downloads skyrocket during the free give away time wasn’t exciting enough, this morning went out to look at other popular patterns and OMGooses – I was on PAGE 1 of the popular patterns. Oh, and Page 1 without having to do any filters at all… just click and BOOM – there I am.

I am so terribly excited. I even took a picture to remember this day because it will be very unlikely it will happen again *laughs*

So… sorry for the two posts today, but I really did want to share the excitement right now… I’m sitting in a chair and am just about ready to explode and I knew, just knew, that my fellow iYarny folks would totally get it.

Enjoy your day!

note: I marked it with a yellow star just because I could *laughs*



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Stocking Pattern – Now on Ravelry

finished 2I finally did it – I was able to write up my Christmas Stocking Pattern and get it posted to Ravelry. I am going to be selling this pattern (I put some time into this one, more than usual); however, I am listing it with a promotion for the first 48 hours.

Now until Dec 4th at midnight Central time, the pattern will be free. Just click on the “buy it now” link and “Coupon Code” – the discount should automatically be applied, making the pattern free.

I hope you enjoy the pattern enough to download it and maybe even make one or two (or maybe 5). I think they come together rather easily but you do have to have some basic knowledge of knitting in the round, basic understanding of knitting a sock cuff down, turning a short row heel and fair isle knitting.

Still interested? Get the pattern here. After December 4th, the pattern goes up to a whopping 99 cents. Enjoy!

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A Small Bag [Pattern]

When I started this pattern, I really had a purpose in mind – and I will continue with designing another pattern, most likely crochet, that will serve this purpose.

This pattern was a prototype boo-boo. Even though the little bag doesn’t serve the purpose that I was designing for, it is still an adorable little bag (or at least I think it is). 

What could you use it for? A gift bag for something like a ring, a couple candy kisses, or perhaps a little bag for a doll (a duffle type bag for a Barbie size doll or a little hand satchel for a larger doll). The bag itself is about an inch in diameter, perhaps an inch and a half tall. Read the rest of this entry »


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Diamond Luggage Tag [Pattern]

The company I work for sponsors a trip for employees nominated for Employee of the Month and 12 others drawn randomly from a hat of people who had good reviews for the last couple of years. It’s really a nice incentive to do a good job. A woman on my team was lucky enough to be selected so I wanted to give her a little something special for her trip.

She is a beginning crocheter so I wanted to surprise her with something crocheted… and something camo because that’s just how she rolls. *grins*

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Ice Pack Pillowcase [Pattern]

I think every household has ice packs they buy for lunch boxes – packs that aren’t necessarily built for injuries but in the end, end up on the boo-boos just as much as the nice ones designed for the task.

Recently, Bird found herself in need of the dentist’s chair and when she came to stay with us for her recovery, none of the ice packs were comfortable enough for her to curl up with and sleep – ice in a baggie was just too darn cold, never mind the leaks. And ice packs were just so rough with their pointy corners.

I needed something that was cool, not bitter cold to the touch, that would be soft enough for her face and help keep leaking to a minimal mess.

So while she slept, I went to my hook for a solution.

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Grandma’s Favorite with a Bit of Crochet

The “Grandma’s Favorite” dishcloth pattern is one you can find in several places, and now this blog is going to be another – I have made several of these dishcloths, but I have to admit, when I knit to the end and bind off, one of my corners always looks odd. It is always pulled more and looks… wonky. I was making one the other day and got the idea of putting a loop on it – a loop would solve the annoyance of the weird corner and the draping of cloths in the shower when there are hooks – ya know, to hang things like washcloths and scrubbers from.

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1 Skein Pet Bed [Pattern]

My little orange kitty had need of a pet bed. We moved into a larger house this last summer and now she likes to sleep in various rooms, depending on where the family is. There are a couple rooms that just left her with few options. While making her quite a comfortable mat, I thought to myself “why stop with making beds for my lil orange kitty when there are hundreds of shelter animals in need of homes and warm places to sleep.”

I decided that I would not “skimp” on a pet bed for a shelter animal. This pattern has a few different options and are noted within the pattern itself.

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