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Mittens, mittens everywhere and not a pair to wear!

2015 02 28 Blue Mitten - doneOk.. perhaps I’m over-exaggerating a wee bit.

There is one ginormous pair of mittens that can be worn: my first pair.

And I do wear them – with a pair of crocheted fingerless mitts underneath so that they don’t slip off. They just rattle around over my fingers – which is hilarious…. but warm! (and isn’t that the real goal here?) Read the rest of this entry »

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YOP 2015

06e44-yearofprojectscalendarsquareWhelp, 2014 has come and gone… almost two months ago, so where in the world have I been?

Not on the ball – that’s for sure!

Good news is that, for wrapping up the 2014 YOP listing, I did very well. I finished the list successfully BEFORE the end of 2014. That has never happened. Of course, I think the only reason it happened was because I drastically shortened the list when I did the blog overhaul. Read the rest of this entry »


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Chihuahua Lovin’


My Sweet Boy, Andrew (2 years ago)

As any of my readers know, I have a dog. He’s a relatively big dog and there is a reason for that – I like big dogs. This comes from a lifelong exposure to big dogs of all types. My parents both loved large dogs.

So, it is a little funny to me that when my mom remarried, she married a man who loves a chihuahua… and not only is she a chihuahua… she’s a REALLY small chihuahua. Skittles (that’s the dog) is always shaking.

She’s actually a quirky lil dog and I like her ok (does not make me want to own a chihuahua though). Read the rest of this entry »


Knit & Knot Yarn – YUM!

yarnAs I mentioned in my previous post, I recently took a trip to Iowa where I got the pleasure to stop in at a local yarn boutique called Knit & Knot. Of course – because I stopped, I had to support their efforts (or just add to my yarn stash… any reason is a good reason, right?) Read the rest of this entry »


Knit & Knot in Bettendorf, IA

knit1Last weekend the family and I adventured off to Iowa in a trip we like to call “Let’s go to Iowa because we’ve never been.” For the sake of length, I’ll call it the LGTIBWNB (or I’ll just not mention it again). As part of the trip, I was treated to a trip to a local yarn store in the Quad Cities called Knit & Knot. Read the rest of this entry »


Yes. It can be a hat, good sir.

hat1I made a hat…. again.

The story of this hat starts many weeks ago. As I sit here and type this, there are pictures I wish I had taken to chronicle several of the steps in the process that was the creation of this hat. Read the rest of this entry »

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