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I was good. (aka: Man, I want to buy some yarn!)

I went to Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby with a friend specifically so that she could get yarn to finish off two projects (somehow, she had run out on both). I have put myself on a little yarn diet, nothing to strict… nothing too crazy. If I need it, I buy it; otherwise I try to just knit and crochet from stash.

So… we go to the store. I’m doing good.

Store 1 – good to go.

Store 2 – we get back there and I start thinking about what mittens I’m going to make. I am thinking about what colors I should try to chart the one mitten in (see mitten playbook image from previous post). If I get both with blue, how do I carry that over… do I just get two blue and then the supporting color. I don’t know – maybe two of each color bringing my total up to 6 skeins… wait, no – then what if I want to make the dalek hat to match the dalek mittens … and the spiral went on. I had gone so far as to start loading up my arms with yarn whilst my friend just stood there and looked at me – her one controlled skein in hand.

Stop stop stop!

I was able to put the yarn down and back away from the shelves. I had to. I was just buying to buy by the time I recognized what was happening.

We returned to work – her with 2 skeins and me with nothing but a great text to The Man who apparently knows me pretty well (and I love that he does not question any yarn purchase besides thinking knowing its something I needed to get).

text convo


Rippit, Rippit, Rippit (also known as: Frogging)

While I do not consider myself an expert (heck, even intermediate) knitter, some folks around me are fairly impressed with the work that I do. Crochet, again – the same (but I know I’m an expert crocheter… almost 35 years of crocheting under my belt – I sure hope I’ve learned a thing or two!). But, regardless of craft, I am asked one question enough to be considered common: Do you ever mess up?

While I would love to have some awesome answer that indicates that 1) I don’t mess up and 2) you can learn to not mess up too, the real answer is “yup… all the darn time.”

There are plenty of reasons for either craft: dropped stitches, bad stitch count, split yarn, knots, accidental stain, pet decided to help me, read the pattern wrong, interpreted what I read wrong, the yarn hates the pattern, the pattern hates the yarn, yadda yadda yadda. I have had to tear my work out. And sometimes… I tear it out and never go back to that project.

So if you are one of those people that wonder if someone you deem more experienced (not necessarily are, especially in my case and the knitting needles) – here is photo proof.


This was going to be a baby blanket. It started out as a baby bobble baby blanket and ended up a basket weave baby blanket.

2015 02 28 - scarf yarn

This one really depicts a rough night. I was making a scarf… it was to be two colors. I started and frogged so many times I thought I was going to ruin the yarn! I had knitting needles and crochet hooks out…. it just did not like what I wanted it to be.

2015 02 28 - shawl yarn

This was a shall. now its turning into another shawl… and it may end up something else if this second shawl doesn’t come together a bit more for me.

Psst… don’t tell the awesome-oppossum yarn currently being made into a glove that it may not end up being a glove. ;)