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Honorable Mention – Honorable Comments

awardSo – the fair has ended and my submission has landed safely at home, and is next to the Christmas box – ready to be boxed up and wrapped, delivered as a big warm hug to someone very special.

This image here is the ribbon and note (which I love that they write feedback down so you have an idea of what went write and perhaps what went wrong). As you can see, the ribbon is attached to the wrong side of the work… so I am a little more confident in the assumption it was judged for the wrong side – oh well, too late and not the end of the world. *shrugs* Read the rest of this entry »


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My First Experience with Felting (or aka: I completely and totally ruined it)

card 1The joys of messing up – and of course, that’s sarcasm, because at least as a blogger, I do get one good blog out of it.

So, I made a cardigan. This picture here is a photo I took and I was going to talk about how much time I was taking to pick out the perfect button. I ruffled and rummaged through my button tin, and, if it matters – ended up choosing the brown and tan button that is actually laying in its almost (was going to be) final resting place. Read the rest of this entry »


Button Sold


I had mentioned in a previous post about the Man hauling pieces of a fallen branch from our yard to his wood working hole – emerging with some gorgeous buttons. I had told him that if he wanted to sell any, to give them to me – I’d blog about them and put them on Etsy if he wanted (note: my Etsy store is currently empty… another big ole DOH for me).

Fast Forward >>> still no buttons in hand so no buttons being sold. Read the rest of this entry »


Knitting From My Stash

I would never say that I put myself on an official yarn diet, because it would go the way of any actual food diet. For me, 75% of the word diet is die – so… it wouldn’t last that long. When it comes/came to food, I make “lifestyle changes” …. but that’s a different story.

basket viewAs for my yarn, I made a decision a year or so ago to try and knit from stash whenever possible. That’s a type of lifestyle change because I have been known to 1) buy yarn just because its on clearance and 2) buy yarn simply because I thought it was (insert awesome adjective type words here).

I have so many hanks and skeins of yarn that exist in my house simply because they existed somewhere else and I wanted it. And I wanted it with absolutely no project in mind. Read the rest of this entry »


Well well well.. I spoke too soon

blanket ribbonSo – we all know that because of these LOVELY (and completely functional and appreciated) stents in my kidneys, I am unable to attend the State Fair. Last week I checked the fair site for the competition results. As it turns out, on their page, I did not place.

Today – the Man hauled the kids out to the fair (and they are still there, to the best of my knowledge). This is a collage sent to me from the Man… the bottom (the green) is mine.

And wha… wha wha wha is there? A ribbon?

Yup – seems I picked up an honorable mention.

That’s pretty exciting!

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Whelp.. I didn’t win.

2015 06 11 blanket 1Even though the fair doesn’t start until Thursday, the results were posted to the site. I did not place this year.

Sure, I’m a little bummed but I’m definitely not upset. What it does is makes me excited to see what did place – what else was sent in. While I can step back and from an unbiased place say that my crochet is pretty darn good (35 years experience will do that to you), but that does not mean someone else out there cannot do the same thing I do better nor does it mean that the complexity of my project just wasn’t there. Read the rest of this entry »


State Fair Ready

2015 06 11 blanket 1On Sunday August 9th I dropped off my State Fair 2015 entry. Queen sized afghan – multiple squares stitched together into a queen size blankie.

I’m pretty excited for it. I really like how it turned out and its a good size. Hopefully the results will be in by end of day tomorrow (which means it probably won’t be until Wednesday, but a girl can dream, right?) Read the rest of this entry »


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YOP 2015 Update


Total Items: 15
Total Complete: 7 (49%)
In Progress: 1 (7%)

Well.. I’m still moving forward in my list. I feel I’m in a pretty good spot considering we are just shy of 60% done with the year and I’m at 49% of my list. Not too shabby.

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Find Something You Enjoy… [Journal Entry]

punching bag 2This post is a bit late but in a way, its timely. And somehow, that statement made sense in my head.

Most readers know that I’m overweight. In fact, I classify as morbidly obese when you ask the official weight scorekeepers at the doctor’s office. This year I was blessed with my insurance covering my joining a medically monitored weight loss program at a local hospital (via their bariatric services group). I went through orientation and had a few visits under my belt before this whole kidney stent thing started. Since, I have had to put myself on hold with the program – once I’m back to my normal self, then I can restart the program where I left off.

What I want to ramble on about today is about my visit with the Physical Therapist.

I didn’t get fat (oh no, the f word) by loving to exercise. As a teen and college-aged woman, the exercise came in my natural environment: bike riding to classes, household chores, dancing the night away, always taking stairs, etc (you can figure out which ones are high school and which are college *laughs*). I did not eat a lot and I was always on the go.

Once I got married – my life changed. I went from running around campus and from party to party (dancing) with going to work, a desk job, and within a couple years after, having children. My life went from super charged to super not. Its not like my fiber art hobbies are energy based. My weight slowly came on over the years.

One key thing is that I never learned to enjoy organized exercise. When I exercise, I think about all the things I could be doing instead. To me, set exercise time feels like a waste of time. I mean – I’m not the only one with a crap-ton of things to finish by the end of the day, am I?

So when Mo, my Physical Therapist wanted to talk about my regular exercise plans – you can just imagine what I was thinking. She went through a list of easy to perform exercises and I just wasn’t feeling it. I really do not enjoy it. I mean – come on, I have a weight bench in my basement. I just want to feel like I’m doing something.

So after that lecture, I figured I had to drag myself out every night for a 20-30 minute brisk walk or jog. Keep the heart rate up and try not to think about how I’m wasting time. Exciting stuff right there.

Fast forward a week and give me a really frustrating day at work. By the time I left work, I really was wound up pretty tight. Add in a sprinkling of a couple terrible drivers and I was just “there” by the time I got home. I wanted to explode. But, as I pulled down the road towards my driveway, I reminded myself to “not explode” .. to “keep it together” … polite, professional, and prompt… yup. That’s me.

And then – as if a lightening bolt cracked over my head… that is NOT me. As a kid, I was pretty aggressive. (read as: loved to get into fights) but… we all know that’s not acceptable behavior. And as I grew up, I repressed all of those feelings … and maybe repression isn’t what I should be doing. I should redirect those feelings… redirect them into what?

I made a decision and went straight to the fitness super center. I was getting a punching bag.punching bag 1

And would you believe that apparently, that day was the day to buy a bag. We get there, all the bags are on sale… a couple were display only and the only bag type I wanted was one of those… display only, clearance price. It was way up high on a shelf – never used.

They get it down and I get to the register… no SKU code. So, they call back and while I was already expecting to get 50$ off the bag, I got an additional 20$ off!

It was exercise, but the whole time I spent hitting that bag I was able to really meditate on why I was frustrated, why my day was crappy, why I actually need to let it go, and and and.. I was mindful of what I was doing and in the end, 20 minutes flew by and it was one of the best workouts I had ever had.

So… Mo – I haven’t talked to you yet but you were right.. find something you really enjoy. But my advise to everyone who is looking for that something they enjoy, don’t just assume you are going to find it in the standard list of exercises.


Sweet Georgia – Have Mercy!

shawlI posted a picture of a half completed sock yesterday – that sock is payment for a cowl and shawl I received from my friend Anne. She is a phenomenal knitter but for some reason doesn’t like making socks…. so, for a couple pair of socks, I get cool stuff I don’t have to knit myself. *laughs*

Anywhoozles – that’s not the point of this point. The point of this post is this: Sweet Georgia Yarns is awesome to work with.

I honestly cannot think of a project in my near or not-too-distant project future that would have driven me to research my way to Sweet Georgia Yarn. My friend Anne, on the other hand, adores the yarn. She had a hank of their sock yarn in her stash at the right time of our last knit swap which means it landed in my hands.

The yarn I’m working with is the colorway Honey Fig. It’s a gorgeous blend of purplish-reds with a splash of yellow thrown in.

Here it is on the swift – getting ready to take a “spin” *laughs* – I love yarn humor. HA!


It really spun into the ball very easily – no tangles (which is a nice bonus). Once I got it wound, I started knitting and it really does knit up nicely. I am working with Tough Love, but they have three types of sock yarn: BFL, Cashluxe Fine, and Tough Love Sock.

halfsockThis is the photo I posted yesterday.

This sock is now done. I cast it off on Sunday night. Of course, I had to try it on and it felt fantastic on the foot.

This is one of those times where I wish the sock could be mine BUT – not the case. This is a swap with a friend… and this is actually the friend’s yarn so that would be kinda raw to do a swap out (although I’m completely guessing she knows they would be glorious socks and that’s why she asked for these anyway… so a swap out is completely out of the question *laughs*)