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My First Illusion Knit

As many of you already know, each Christmas my family draws names. You are then expected to make a home made gift for that person (its not the only gift… its just one gift they receive). This last Christmas, I selected my brother’s name. I had NO idea what I was going to make him. Without planning anything, I saw a small illusion knit pattern on Ravelry… and that got me to thinking.

I ended up really researching out some larger pieces, and omgooses – there are some AMAZING items out there (like any item from Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer from Woolly Thoughts).

I looked into how to make my own chart and how to actually do the piece and got to it. I figure if you are going to do it – go big or go home :) No “start off small” for me – no way!

So… now that the holiday has passed and the gift has been given (and loved, as far as I could tell) – I present to you: my first illusion knit.

BTW: its a griffin, in case you can’t tell *laughs*


Purl Essence Yarn – a user’s perspective

purl essense yarnI headed to Joann Fabric to find some yarn to make a couple scarves someone ordered from me. As I went up and down the aisles, it became apparent rather quickly they had brought in some new stuff. Exciting!

I decided to make the scarves out of a yarn called Sincerely by Purl Essence.

This is my story.

*insert intense Law and Order type sound* Read the rest of this entry »

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Arm Knits

2014 12 28 arm knit cowl 1I think one of the more fascinating facts about my family is that we are a pretty creative group – and not just the family in my house as an adult, but also my family as in my mom, dad, brother, etc. Everyone really seems to have a knack for picking up practical skills and using them to be creative (and usually very practical). Read the rest of this entry »


help me with my mantle…

2014-11-17 mantle shelfIf you have read my blog at all in the last 3 weeks then you have seen the absolutely lovely mantle shelf The Man made for me prior to the holidays. The whole idea was I wanted to knit stockings but had no where to display them.. so he made me a shelf for the stockings I was to knit – and surprisingly, I was able to knit 4 stockings a good week before Christmas *self high five* Read the rest of this entry »


A New Car for Cris

Whelp – I got a new car. Well, a new-to-you car because I do not make enough money to buy something brand new off the lot.

On Monday, January 5th – my first day back to work, upon my return to my vehicle at the end of the day I found what looked like vehicular manslaughter in the sense someone slaughtered my car. Power Steering fluid (the pink stuff, how appropriate) was ALL OVER the parking spot. I backed up enough to know that my power steering was not working – and then I saw it all over the place. Read the rest of this entry »


Living With Thanatophobia – Death Anxiety [Journal]

my faceI have decided that something I need to do regularly is to journal – to do it as a means to help with my anxiety disorder (which I have talked about before) and alleviate other stressors in my life. So… I’m not really making it a new year’s resolution because, let’s be honest – if I did what is the likelihood I’d actually keep it? I’d rather make it a mental health resolution.

For those of you completely uninterested in my personal posts (non-fiber related), I’ll be sure to tag the title as [Journal] so you know to skip it. Just know these are going to put a lot of “me” on the table that I tend to avoid – but I think its time for me to stop avoiding it. I am what I am and that’s all that I am, right? Read the rest of this entry »


2015 Resolutions…

my faceAs of Tuesday morning, January 6 2015, I have a yarn related resolution. I don’t really keep resolutions so I thought this was an odd one – but, then again, its one I’m going to keep because I’m about to do it (as in as soon as I get this post scheduled I’m going to go start researching… and then maybe knit a little bit on my gloves). Read the rest of this entry »


My 2015 Word (and it is not “the bird” – which is actually two words)

my faceA word to describe the year to come – that is the inspiration/idea I gathered from Kathryn’s Instragram. Kathryn, the marvel behind the crochet website Crochet Concupiscence, captioned her photo with the following:

“My word of the year is intentionality and I specifically want to be conscious and intentional around what I consume and create, how I use my time and the health around my literal and metaphorical breath.”

She asked about our word – what will we use to define out attempts (or resolutions) for 2015. Here is mine. Read the rest of this entry »


Knitting Time

Sunday morning.

I go back to work tomorrow after a good 12 days off for holiday: Christmas and New Year. My family drove in for Christmas and its pretty pretty sedate here since the Sunday after that. I have had a lunch out with a dear friend and then an evening of antics with other family friends. All in all, a very good holiday; however, I definitely did not play with my yarn near as much as I had originally planned. Read the rest of this entry »