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Making Mistakes…

My last post took us to a place in the Baby Sweater where I was at a crossroads – well, not a crossroads per say, but a place in my knitting that I had never been before.

As I mentioned, I have only completed one sweater – the one I made for the Man, completed earlier this year after the weather made it to the 90s. With raglan construction, you start at the neck, work your way down the shoulders, when you get to the sleeves you offload those stitches onto scrap yarn – then you just keep knitting down the body. When the body is complete, you head back to the sleeves, insert a circular needle and go to town with intermittent decreases until you have birthed a full on sleeve. Read the rest of this entry »


Fumbling Around with a Baby Sweater

Of course, I’m not working on my YOP list or my Christmas list, well – at least not directly.

I decided to take a stab at knitting a baby sweater. As many of you may remember, I did a raglan sweater for the Man. I think it turned out great – so with the left over yarn I figured I’d make a baby sweater (no, not for me – to sell to make Christmas cash .. so indirectly related to Christmas).

I started off strong – I really did. Now that I’m down to the sleeves, this is a do the sleeves then finish the body – unlike the raglan which is do the body and go back and finish the sleeves. Its a bit awkward – it doesn’t help that I am 99.9% sure that I needed different needles. But hey – always an adventure



If you have come here via a redirect from my Blogger – welcome to the new location. If you are here as a first time visitor – then I welcome you to the new location! A bit redundant, but I recognize that I will have readers coming from two different paths so I wanted to mention that I’m moving to each in a little different way. Read the rest of this entry »


Respect Your Designers

I design patterns and publish them – albeit all but one are free.

Respect designers of all kinds – it may seem silly to pay for something you can pass around under the table, but its discouraging to the designers to think they are not appreciated enough for those few dollars a pattern generates.



I am not entirely sure what is going on but my comments appear to be “all jacked up on Mountain Dew.”

It started with my admin screen within Blogger showing I had comments on posts – but when I went to the post… no comments. I checked my email – and there were email notification on the comments that apparently did not exist on the post. So I removed the Disqs module because its really just an overlay to the blogger comments, but ended up with lots of comments on my posts – just on the wrong posts! Read the rest of this entry »


Fiber Fits

Admittedly, I am amidst a fiber artist temper tantrum. Its the silent type because who wants to see a 38 year old woman pout over not being able to participate in a MKAL (mystery knit-a-long for all you non-fiber folks out there who may have stumbled upon my blog). Read the rest of this entry »


A Small Bag [Pattern]

When I started this pattern, I really had a purpose in mind – and I will continue with designing another pattern, most likely crochet, that will serve this purpose.

This pattern was a prototype boo-boo. Even though the little bag doesn’t serve the purpose that I was designing for, it is still an adorable little bag (or at least I think it is). 

What could you use it for? A gift bag for something like a ring, a couple candy kisses, or perhaps a little bag for a doll (a duffle type bag for a Barbie size doll or a little hand satchel for a larger doll). The bag itself is about an inch in diameter, perhaps an inch and a half tall. Read the rest of this entry »


Year of Projects 2014


Pivotal shows that 1 of 6 items are complete and one… finished this passed week – go me!

*self high five… ya know, if that is a thing*

I could probably have been much more productive if I didn’t spend a lot of time knitting off the list. Oops? But truly – who is really surprised here? Read the rest of this entry »


The Trouble with Fair Isle

Oh, Dear Readers, I turn to you in my time of trouble… what in the world is wrong with my fair isle knitting!?!?

Here – I present Exhibit A – the actual issue.

As you can see, between my P and A on the lower side – the yellow is sticking out! I did the floats above and around those that are peeking out the exact same way as the ones that are peeking out.

So why in the frackin’ world are the ones sticking out. And to boot – its like this randomly around the whole hat.

It’s very frustrating. Read the rest of this entry »