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FB Giveaway

Just a reminder to visit my Facebook page (Yarntasia) for a knitting giveaway (this one is geared especially towards those who want to learn to knit!).

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March 2012 Giveaway – Winner Announced

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Last Day for the Giveaway!

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Guest Post: St. Jude’s Hospital

Those who follow my blog and YouTube channel should know that I have a contest going on right now. That contest is to post a blog entry or a video response with a story about charitable giving. The story can be about an organization, a certain situation, or anything really – as long as it is from the heart.

I was contacted by one of my YouTube followers who does not post videos and does not have a blog. While she was thankful I was having a contest, she could not participate. I didn’t feel this was right considering this giveaway is to celebrate those who follow my channel or blog in some fashion.

I extended the offer to allow guest posting on my blog, and she accepted. Below is her entry to my March 2012 giveaway.

First I’d like to tell you why I support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I do it because no child is turned away because his/her family does not have health or inadequate health insurance. Which is a big problem in America today.

When my son was 13 years old we got the call from his doctor that no parent wants to get – I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but your son has cancer. We were devastated to say the least. As a parent you want to take this pain away from your child, but you can’t. My husband was active duty military at the time and we had access to the best hospital the Air Force has. 

After 2 surgeries, months of chemo and radiation I am thankful and happy to say my son has been in remission for 10 years. He went to college, has a degree and is now working. 

Because my husband was in the military we did not have to worry about mounting medical bills. I can’t imagine going through all that we went through and having to worry about how we were going to pay for the mounting costs. That is what St. Jude does for families who walk through those doors. 

It is a scary thing to go through and St. Jude takes care of the whole family. Cancer has a way of touching the whole family, not just the patient. St. Jude helps to take some of the worries away like the Air Force did for us and that’s why I give to such a wonderful charity as St. Jude’s whose ministry through healing touches countless lives daily.

I’m not an eloquent writer Cris, but it’s heartfelt and true.


Thank you spanky3610 for this story. It is hard to understand the full scope of the issue unless you have walked in those shoes. I am thankful your son was able to get through the treatments and grow into a healthy adult. I think it is a wonderful cause to support! Bless you and your family.


March 2012 Giveaway

Click “read more” for a summary of the giveaway rules covered in the video.

This giveaway is a means to say thank you to all my followers and subscribers (blog and YouTube).

What to do:
1. Make a video response or a blog post sharing a story related to charitable giving.
2. Make your video a video response to this video OR if doing a blog story, be sure to link back to this video or the giveaway announcement on the blog
3. If you did a blog post, email me the direct URL of your blog post: (I will not open URLs that are not blog posts)
4. Do the above by March 31st, midnight CST

Winner will be selected on April 1st using a randomizer. Winner will have 5 days once contacted to let me know the prize. The winner will be contact via the channel used to post the video response OR the email used to send the URL.

Winner will receive a prize worth $25 and of their own request. (gift certificates work well). If the winner wants a care package, he or she will need to give me the theme and I will decide what goes into it but if you are looking for something specific, that can work too provided its obtainable and within the prize value.

I reserve the right to determine if a person was trying for a loophole, being sarcastic, or not taking the giveaway seriously.

Any questions? leave a comment!

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[Mail] My Bumper Sticker Win!

I don’t know if any of you saw or knew, but Crochet Concupiscence had a giveaway – and I’m one of the winners!

I open my package on camera, give my own babbling type review, and give out some information on the giveaway, including that it came from her sponsor, BuildASign.


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Crochet Concupiscence Give-Away

If you aren’t a member of the all-crochet website Crochet Concupiscence, the I highly suggest you get over there now and subscribe…. oh, and while you are over there, be sure to enter the daily give away. That’s right – every day in the month of December, Kathryn is giving away something wonderfully crochet-ey (is that a word… eh, is now!).

So why am I posting this today?

Well, dear readers, today’s give away is my pattern “Celebrate the Square” which is three crochet dishcloth patterns written by yours truly.

I hope you all pop over there and check it out.


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