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New Blog – but this one remains

I wanted to drop a note here that I am going to be maintaining two blogs (what?!?!)

I felt the purpose of this blog has gotten off point – something that was just to be the fiber in me turned into rants and reflections on my health. So, in order to bring this one back to what its supposed to be – I decided to start a second blog.

Me v2.0 will share information, recipes, reviews, and reflections for me and my health journey. I hope that some of you will choose to follow me over there (but if not, I understand – fiber is pretty awesome!).



I even updated Etsy.

I took quite a step today and added some items to Etsy – I added 2 blue-themed skeins of hand-dyed yarn (yes, hand dyed by yours truly!) and some wood items like buttons and pens that my husband made.

If you are interested or know anyone who might be – please visit my Etsy Shop.



FB Winner and Housekeeping

A few items of housekeeping.

  1. Congratulations to Susan who won 2 (almost) brand spankin’ new booklets on learning to knit (one for general knitting and other for socks). I threw a little something extra into the envelop as well – hope you enjoy and really hope you share some photos of your new knit creations!
  2. I was doing good there for a little bit with the posting but life got in the way yet again. I really need to come up with a schedule. I love this blog and would hate to let it dwindle to nothingness….
  3. My physical health is going back and forth now – I’m faced with back pain in the morning that works its way out by the end of the day. It’s like groundhog’s day for back pain – and that stinks.
  4. I got my “no-no” instructions from the urologist (remember: kidney stones and surgeries last year). Right now I’m sitting at keeping a ridiculously low sodium diet, no red meat, and as for the other meats, no more than 4 ounces a day. I don’t really care about the meat issue, especially the loss of red meat (blech) – but keeping ridiculously low sodium intake is going to be hard.
  5. I’m thankful that cookies and cake do not have meat in them.
  6. If you haven’t already – like my FB page to get lots of “limited free patterns” and sometimes interesting news tidbits and even more sometimes – contests! Link is on the right.
  7. I’m making little progress on the sweater. Work is insane (14 hour days) so stealing away time to knit is difficult – so perhaps he’ll have a sweater just in time for next winter.

That is all.

Happy Yarning!

– Cris



Facebook Reminder

If you don’t already, I use my Facebook account (Yarntasia) to share patterns, articles, and other yarn-tastic tidbits with other like minded folks. I’ll even have a few give aways (pattern books) coming up soon!


Free For A Limited Time

Interested in knitting up my Traditional Stocking ?

It’s a holiday giveaway – Coupon Code 2015ChristmasGiveaway will get you a free copy of the pattern. The pattern will be free until 11:59pm CST Dec 17th.

Merry Christmas!


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Excitement Much?

I really do try to not post more than once a day – its a “thing.” But today, I just can’t contain my excitement.

As you all know, I recently put a pattern on Ravelry – it is one of two “for sale” patterns although I did run a free giveaway the first 48 hours it was live. It is the Traditional Stocking Pattern (link is to Ravelry).

So, if watching the downloads skyrocket during the free give away time wasn’t exciting enough, this morning went out to look at other popular patterns and OMGooses – I was on PAGE 1 of the popular patterns. Oh, and Page 1 without having to do any filters at all… just click and BOOM – there I am.

I am so terribly excited. I even took a picture to remember this day because it will be very unlikely it will happen again *laughs*

So… sorry for the two posts today, but I really did want to share the excitement right now… I’m sitting in a chair and am just about ready to explode and I knew, just knew, that my fellow iYarny folks would totally get it.

Enjoy your day!

note: I marked it with a yellow star just because I could *laughs*



Stocking Pattern – Now on Ravelry

finished 2I finally did it – I was able to write up my Christmas Stocking Pattern and get it posted to Ravelry. I am going to be selling this pattern (I put some time into this one, more than usual); however, I am listing it with a promotion for the first 48 hours.

Now until Dec 4th at midnight Central time, the pattern will be free. Just click on the “buy it now” link and “Coupon Code” – the discount should automatically be applied, making the pattern free.

I hope you enjoy the pattern enough to download it and maybe even make one or two (or maybe 5). I think they come together rather easily but you do have to have some basic knowledge of knitting in the round, basic understanding of knitting a sock cuff down, turning a short row heel and fair isle knitting.

Still interested? Get the pattern here. After December 4th, the pattern goes up to a whopping 99 cents. Enjoy!


2014 State Fair: Third Place

Thumbs Up to Third Place at this year’s State Fair!

The majority of folks give a grumble or some comment about certain individuals not knowing how to judge good work… I disagree. I understand they are trying to make me feel better about not placing higher, but in reality, I don’t need it. I’m excited to have won third.

No.. wait…

I am THRILLED that at the STATE fair I placed third out of all the entries of “Crocheted Afghans – in one piece”.

I genuinely cannot wait to get out there and see who placed above me and the entries that may not have placed at all. I know it takes a lot of work to put everything together for an afghan, so place at all is really awesome.

I will be going out to the fair next week to take some photos so look for gratuitous fiber arts photos coming soon!

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Taking a Break

It has been quite a bit since my last blog. Honestly – I was a bit scared to even look so I figured .. don’t. All I know is that its been entirely too long and I owed an explanation, even if relatively enigmatic.

I will not be blogging as regularly as I had at the beginning of the year. It is hard for me to admit that I basically have just broken off more than I can chew. Between work, marriage, family, actually crocheting/knitting, trying to get my weight in check, health, (and the list goes on and on) – I really just don’t have time.

Part of my identified issue is that I really made this blog too specific – its crochet only, or at least I try to keep it that way most of the time. Right now, the things in my life are not crochet related so I don’t really feel I can just slap it down into cyberspace – specifically THIS cyberspace.

On top of that I’m a bit miffed with Google as a whole. First – the reader is being taken away although I did get some feedback that Feedly seems to be good. I will most likely be switching to that. BUT in addition to that, Google Adsense has accused me of “cheating their system” and removed me from the Adsense program. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but it bummed me out because 1) I’m not and 2) its punishment for getting more views and promoting my site locally. It is not the primary reason I blogged but I admit, it is the primary reason I put the majority of my patterns up for free because I knew that I would get some revenue from them to pay for my time and it wouldn’t have to come from the reader base.

But – shame on me, eh?

I am not saying I will never return to blogging. I enjoy putting pen to paper (virtually) and know that I’ll return soon enough – but perhaps I’ll give my site a whole big make-over and make it more generalized so I don’t feel so bound to any single topic (or two).


Moogly Feature

Tamara from Moogly Blog dropped me a line on my 1 Skein Pet Bed Pattern to let me know it was featured as part of a roundup for 10 items for the Cat Lover.

Being that I’m an all around animal lover, I really found some of these patterns something I’d be very interested in making, especially the cat scarf.

I just wanted to first give Tamara a huge “THANK YOU” for featuring my pattern as one within the collection. I really do appreciate this sort of acknowledgement from other bloggers, crocheters, and artists. And on top of that, I’m glad she pointed out that it really is a great item for donation to animal shelters.

So, please – if you have not been to the Moogly Blog before, I encourage you to go check it out.

Thanks again, Tamara!