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Well… ouch.


using the new selfie stick

I know I did a bit of a drive by with my last blog post and disappeared. Sorry about that.

Here is the elevator version: Emergency surgery on 7/17 to have stents put into both of my kidneys. I have 3 stones that are physically too big to pass and now the stents are the only thing that let my kidneys fully function. The doc wants to try and dissolve the stones which sits at a 50-50 shot at it working. If it doesn’t, I get surgery. If it does – yay. Every day I have discomfort, but some days its down right painful. I have about 2 months of this. I’m excited. Not really. Out of my general control so no reason to be grumpy about it though… so … go me. *smiles* Read the rest of this entry »


1, 2, 3, 4… (or – all random)

1. Where have I been? Well.. I forgot my password and the password reset functionality of WordPress is kinda squirrely. I have been posting free for a limited time patterns and articles to the Yarntasia FB site though – relatively regularly which is good for me.

2. I had emergency surgery yesterday… it hurt. now it hurts different.

3. I got my State Fair entry tag yesterday too.

4. I will be blogging more like myself in the next couple of days.

For now… I’m going to go lay down.


Enablers (or: OOOO Coupons!)

enablersDo you have enablers in your life?

When talking about bad behaviors, the enablers are the people who are supporting the behavior, not in a way like giving you the drugs or what-have-you, but the people who love you and accept your behavior… and sometimes they just don’t make life difficult enough for you to stop something.

But what about the enablers of fiber addiction?

Is there such a thing? Read the rest of this entry »


Yarny Embellishments

upload_-1I’m not sure how many of my readers of the blog follow me on Instagram, but if you are one of them, then you saw this photo posted a week or so ago – no explanation of what, just that it was fiber related. Read the rest of this entry »