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Giving Thanks

me n kids


In the last year I have changed positions 3 times, bosses 4 times – but I’m at the same company. My cat became paralyzed. My car has died…. twice. In fact, its at the mechanic as I type this. We had a tree fall in our back yard during a storm and crunch part of our fence. We had a tree fall in our back yard during a different storm and crunched some of our patio furniture. I had a kidney stone a couple months ago which was extremely painful. I got the medical bills from said kidney stone and those were much more painful. My student loans are coming around to bite me in the hind end – that’s blood from a turnip I’m not sure I can squeeze. We had a fabulous family reunion this summer and around two weeks later, my dad’s brother John passed away. A little bit after that my Aunt Sharon, one of his older sisters, passed away too. A close family friend, a woman I have recognized as my honorary aunt for my entire life, is struggling with cancer and a good friend from work died just a few weeks ago from a different type of cancer.

Mine always seems to be money and health related. The car gets me down but doesn’t that just come right back down to money? But, ya know, it hasn’t been an easy year, but I recognize that there are many more out there with much bigger problems to work through.
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A Sweet Little Surprise (or – The Power of Suggestion, a Wife’s Tale)

2014-11-17 mantle shelfI have knitting group on Monday nights. I am also quite the creature of habit in that when I leave a location, I text The Man the word “leaving” just so he know that I am safe and be aware if I take longer than expected that something may have happened. Its a habit hence my being a creature of habit…

So, I leave knitting group earlier this week and, per usual, text the Man “leaving.”

I open the door to an almost blacked out living room with Christmas music. The kids and man are sitting patiently – and the only light is the glow from this shelf… my brand new shelf. He made it for me and I think its absolutely beautiful. Read the rest of this entry »


Thankful For Me

On July 21st, 2012014-11-18 white piece2 I posted a blog entry that compared a crochet experience at a picnic to the French novella The Little Prince. I admit that I am a sentimental fool – especially when it comes to sincere children. I somewhat failed that Little Prince in that I did not end up making him a sweater … I ended up keeping that piece of “thick crochet” – I keep it in my hook caddy.

Each time I open up my caddy, there is that small reminder of someone who genuinely enjoyed, even if only for an hour or two, working with yarn.  Read the rest of this entry »


And you want me to do that?

Today I am going to try something new… something I have never done before – and quite frankly, I’m stunned anyone ever thought that I could do this… just stunned.

I’m going to teach someone to knit.

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my new needles

my new needles

I finished off another pair of socks last night. WOOT! That leaves me with one pair to go before Christmas and a pair of spats/leg warmers. Not too shabby… and to think, its only MID NOVEMBER! *scared face*

That aside, I am sharing this little post with you today because I got new needles.

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Challenge Me

It has been a while since I have rambled on about challenging yourself in all aspects of your life, including fiber arts. It is something I support fully and even if you end up with a big ball of yarn vomit messiness – it was worth it. Granted, in that situation, ask me after I have taken care of the mess. I’m not really “verbally presentable” when detangling yarn. In fact, I think I may qualify more as “pirate” or “sailor mouth” during those moments.

Ah – let the rambles begin *laughs*

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Project Bags

So, referencing the conversation mentioned in yesterday’s post, my mom and I talked about a lot of things. One thing she mentioned was making a bingo tote for someone as a Christmas present. That quickly went the way of iYarny when I asked if she could make some various sized project bags. She kinda said yes but kinda not and I had a great idea.

If she made me a couple, I could do a give away on my blog coupled with dropping a few for sale in my Etsy store (the money would go back to her, of course – she just doesn’t have the storefront yet). Who would be interested in seeing some of her creations? Read the rest of this entry »


Biting My Tongue.

1a407-20140820_100218I got off the phone with my mother a few minutes ago.

That is all.

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