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Negative Knitting

sweater 1This.. has turned into a bigger ball of yarn – well, not all of it. Hmmm technically not even this. This is the back panel. Just the newly started front panel is back on the ball of yarn. Read the rest of this entry »


Dying … yarn.

In the last month, I have extended my fiber artistry (dare I be so bold to use the word artistry?) to include yarn dying. Granted, I’m only scratching the surface but – scratched the surface is! Read the rest of this entry »


Handmade Christmas (late posting)

First and foremost, how in the world have I gotten so behind? It’s already February, I have figured out how to sign the correct year to random documents and checks, and I have not yet gone over my homemade gift from Christmas? Sheesh – slacker.

Any reader that has been following along for the last year or longer knows that my family has a little tradition of hand made gifts for Christmas. No one is forced and its not the whole process – but its our tradition (that will be moving to March come next year! – crazy!). Read the rest of this entry »


FB Winner and Housekeeping

A few items of housekeeping.

  1. Congratulations to Susan who won 2 (almost) brand spankin’ new booklets on learning to knit (one for general knitting and other for socks). I threw a little something extra into the envelop as well – hope you enjoy and really hope you share some photos of your new knit creations!
  2. I was doing good there for a little bit with the posting but life got in the way yet again. I really need to come up with a schedule. I love this blog and would hate to let it dwindle to nothingness….
  3. My physical health is going back and forth now – I’m faced with back pain in the morning that works its way out by the end of the day. It’s like groundhog’s day for back pain – and that stinks.
  4. I got my “no-no” instructions from the urologist (remember: kidney stones and surgeries last year). Right now I’m sitting at keeping a ridiculously low sodium diet, no red meat, and as for the other meats, no more than 4 ounces a day. I don’t really care about the meat issue, especially the loss of red meat (blech) – but keeping ridiculously low sodium intake is going to be hard.
  5. I’m thankful that cookies and cake do not have meat in them.
  6. If you haven’t already – like my FB page to get lots of “limited free patterns” and sometimes interesting news tidbits and even more sometimes – contests! Link is on the right.
  7. I’m making little progress on the sweater. Work is insane (14 hour days) so stealing away time to knit is difficult – so perhaps he’ll have a sweater just in time for next winter.

That is all.

Happy Yarning!

– Cris