Monthly Archives: January 2018


I have taken entirely too much time away from the blog in the last year or so – why? a combination of things from surgery to depression, excess working and husband job loss. My 2017, like many others, read as a roller coaster of emotions, opportunities, and struggles. All in all, I do not know the direction of this blog – I do continue to play with fiber (in many different ways), but I have so much more I wish to share.

In the next few days I know I will come up with some bit of direction, its just a matter of thinking on it and making sure its good for all involved. I wish it were as easy as just changing the name of the blog – but when I moved from Blogger to WordPress, that was several days of just plain hellish work (so many links and patterns in the web-world to change… oh. so. many.). I am pretty sure I do not want to do that again *laughs*

Perhaps I’ll spend more time over at Me v2 – no clue. But I do know I have many words I want to share and a journey of self … a continuing transformation, I think people would value to read-a-long, to know they are not alone.

But… time is running low, along with my energy for the day – so I’m going to log out. I’ll be back in a day or two :)

God Bless and Happy New Year!