Garter Rib Baby Blanket – A Pattern Review

16 Apr

As I recently blogged, I was in need of a baby blanket for a friend and I decided that, unlike many others I have made, I wanted to try knitting it. I found my way to Ravelry, as many of us do, and zeroed in on a pattern.

This review is of the Garter Rib Baby Blanket written by Orange Flower Yarns. This pattern can be downloaded for free on Ravelry.

The pattern worked up very quickly – much quicker than I thought it would even at my snail’s pace knitting. It took me about 1 month from start to finish to knit up one skein of yarn. Keep in mind I was knitting with a size 8 needle and worsted weight yarn so I’m sure that contributed to the increased speed.

Now, my finished product was a bit more rectangular than I would have liked but I definitely did not want to buy more yarn for 4 inches of blanket – when trying to knit from your stash, one tries to knit within the stash only. Buying more yarn doesn’t make much sense *laughs* I take the shape of my blanket on as my own responsibility because if I had taken another week and a little money to purchase more yarn, i would have had a squared baby blanket.

The pattern is very open when it comes to yarn size or needle size, just keep in mind that you want to have a closed stitch to accommodate safety of little fingers. Using a too large needle for your yarn could let little fingers in tiny holes – and we know that can be a potential for disaster (for baby and/or blanket). Because of this, I would suggest a gauge swatch more so to prevent the holes than actually holding to a set size (although you do benefit from being able to count your stitches and modify your cast on number – ya know, if you are the type).

Average difficulty on Ravelry was measured very low and I could not agree more. This was a very simple knit. All one needs to know is how to cast on, knit, purl, and cast off.

The pattern is written very clearly and also includes a little chart. Truthfully, I’m not sure the chart was totally necessary on this one but if you are a chart knitting, you’ll see the chart is just as simple as the written instruction.

So – would I make this blanket again? Absolutely. As I was knitting the smaller blanket I figured it would absolutely wonderful as a twin size bed blanket…. and that I would have 2 to make… and realized perhaps I was going insane. If a pattern like this can make me think these things (me, a person who usually saves blankets as crochet only) – then that must say a little something about the pattern itself.

I would definitely give this pattern a solid 5 balls of yarn. Thank you, Orange Flower Yarns – this one was a home run!

5 balls

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