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Year of Projects 3: Update 3

Total Items on YOP List: 19

Items Complete: 5

% Overall Complete:  26%

It is safe to say I am absolutely wretched at posting my weekly updates. We are how many months in and this is my third update ??? *face palm*

How exactly does this happen? The good news is that I haven’t stopped actually knitting and crocheting – just the updating part. So here is my attempt at getting everyone up to speed on what I have done thus far.

I hurt my foot so I’ve not been able to do a whole lot of extracurricular activities outside of sitting – and when a Yarny is sitting, we all know what happens – yarny goodness! The silver lining of the injured foot is I have finished several items.

I finished the Lapghan I‘m making made as a Christmas gift. I will do an update for that one on its own. I like how it turned out. The biggest surprise to me on that item is that I used the Caron One Pounder yarn, which – let’s be honest here, is rough as all get out. It is not the most pleasant feeling yarn straight out of the skein. But, I gave it a good wash and that darn thing is soft  SOFT S O F T. Its really nice – it just seemed to “work” after the wash. So I think the recipient will be happy. This lil finish brought my percentage from 21% to 26% for my YOP list. Go me!

I also finished two knit bookmarks, not on the list, but they are for Christmas as well so I might as well give them mention.

I do have a pair of socks on the needles… both of them. I started out trying to do them both at the same time using the magic loop method – but I will tell ya, Yarny Readers who knit, I don’t like using the magic loop very much. Perhaps if I were using it for one item, then it would be fine, it just seemed a lot more time was spent in adjusting the loop and getting ready to knit than I normally do. I finished both toes with all increases so its not like I didn’t give it the ole college try. I will try again for a pair of fingerless mitts I want to make, but it will only be one mitt. Or I may try it on a cowl or something. I don’t think its a matter of I just couldn’t figure it out – I did. I really just didn’t like it for what I was doing.

Since breaking the two socks away from each other and running 2 circulars into each, In about 4 hours total I have knit up one entire foot, turned the heel, and started on the leg AND worked some of the foot on the second sock. In that same 4 hours, I barely got the toes going when I had them all on 1 circ.

As I said, I’ll try again – just not with a 2-at-a-time sock situation. I am considering 2-at-a-time on 2 circs though…. we’ll see if I go crazy with that one.

As for the Navajo blanket, I have less than a foot left to go. Soooo close! Once I muster up my motivation (ie finish all my other projects) I’ll do a huge push to get that bad boy done.

So that’s it. I finished the lapghan and continue to work.

Year of Projects Year 3 List

Navajo Diamonds Blanket
Socks Pair #4 (my own pattern)

Knit a sweater for The Man
Knit a pair of spat warmers (Christmas Gift)
Knit a Pair of fingerless mitts (Christmas Gift)
Scrap-ghan (another design other than my extreme granny)
A wrap/vest wearable for me (no pattern selected yet)
Summer Flies Shawl #2
Socks Pair #5
Socks Pair #6
Socks Pair #7
Socks Pair #8
Socks Pair #9
Socks Pair #10

Socks Pair #1 finished July 2013 – Finished FINALLY
Summer Flies Shawl #1 finished July 2013 – Summer Flies
Socks Pair #2 finished August 2013 – More Socks YAY
Socks Pair #3 finished August 2013 – Year of Projects 3: Update 2
Lapghan finished September 2013 – no update yet.


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