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Year of Projects 2014

Well, as it stands my Pivotal shows the same unfinished 6 items from last week BUT I can say I have made progress!

I had an offsite visit for work on Thursday which landed me 6+ hours in a van with 4 male coworkers – which also meant I got a LOT of work done on that sock – in fact, by the end of day yesterday, I had finished the first sock of the first pair on my YOP2014 list… and that is WITH a migraine. Read the rest of this entry »


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Not Finished Saturday

I took this picture yesterday and should find some inspiration in it…. inspiration to finish something *laughs * Truly, on the side of this table I have a line up of things mostly done… I need to get off my rear and do… not start one more … which I just purchased “the bear that saved me” pattern from Ravelry and a skein from my stash is calling out to become an ear flap hat…

Startitus at its finest.

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[Pattern Review] Baby Yub Nub

This pattern review is for the crochet pattern “Baby Yub Nub” written by Kristen Stevenson. A link on Ravelry can be found here.

The pattern is written as infant size and, as you can see by the image, I was in need of toddler size. I made a decision to stick with the suggested yarn size, worsted or aran, and simply go with a larger hook. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure if only changing the hook size would be a good plan to upsize the garment mostly because I crochet rather tightly. I was prepared to make a second just in case it didn’t work. I ended up making a second – and ironically enough, the first one fit just fine. Read the rest of this entry »


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Year of Projects 2014

Well, I was able to wrap up the YOP3/change in program dates in my last post so this will be the first post I can fully focus on my YOP2014 items.

Now that I have afforded myself the ability to focus on my rather short, but relatively intense list, I didn’t do one spankin’ thing on any of it this last week. Nadda darn thing.

And that, my dear readers, is how I roll. *laughs* Read the rest of this entry »

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Ahhhh … knitting weather

I live in the Midwest and as any Midwesterner knows – the weather this year has been completely squirrely. Winter was bitter and crazy. Spring was really summer. Summer was spring at least for most of it then turned to summer quickly at the end of August. Autumn is starting out summer but quickly moving into autumn… and I like the idea of that!

I opened the door Monday morning to let the dog out and the bitter air just reached out and took me by surprise. Autumn, you see – is my favorite season. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, Halloween is on its way, and quite frankly, its inspiring for the fiber artist – a little chill in the air makes you want to knit up those socks, whip out a sweater, or sit in front of a fire with needles/hook in hand, working away at a blanking. Autumn is the absolute bestestestestest season.

So, since it was a bit chilly, I ended up wearing a couple bits of my hand knits.

The first are the socks I finished about 2 weeks ago. They are made with Kroy sock yarn which I picked up at Joann’s. Large self stripping pattern – warm and cozy and grand.

Does anyone else have the same unhealthy passion I do for hand knit socks? Like … the feeling that they are magical or like walking with little clouds of loved wrapped around your feet? No… just me? uhm… a’righty then.

The other hand knit I wore was a Kwoosh I finished earlier this year. I used a Crazy Zauberball for this one and adore how it came out.

This is me “modeling” it.

I admit – I am still learning about how to wear shawls shawlettes anything-around-my-neck neck scarfs. I think the only thing that slightly (if you can even use any qualifier at all) bummed me out on this one is the stripping started out in big sweeping sections and because the shawl is asymmetrical, the width grew which means the sweeping sections became distinct shorter rows of color changes. Obviously, I knew that was going to happen but I guess I thought I’d have a little bit more of the sweeping sections…

Oh well – still love it. *winks*


WIP Wednesday 09-10-2014

Here I am, only two weeks from my last confession WIP Wednesday post.

I’m actually pretty happy with the progress I have made since my last post. The quick overview is that of the four projects posts in my 8/20 post, I have actually made progress on two of them and finished the other two.

Granted, this means I epically failed in posting an FO Friday post – but we can’t all be perfect… or make regular blog posts…. *coughs lightly*

BUT, I have made progress… and I have also added new projects to the active listing. *face palm*

So, let us take a snapshot from my Pivotal (linked on the right), shall we…

As you can see I finished the Kwoosh. I also finished the stripey socks I showed in the 8/20 post, they are just outside of my current iteration (ie, I finished them before August 31st).

I added several rows to the Illusion Knit, which I hope the recipient doesn’t read this blog!

The Lapghan Made with Squares (the Walled Garden Square to be specific) grew a little bit. I finished off a square I had in progress for the last month or two and joined it in with the others, completing another strip and attaching it to the first strip. Oh – and all ends are weaved in. *whoop whoop*

I really don’t count the Scrap-ghan as a WIP even though it really is. It’s like people who say their are vegetarians but eat fish – I just add to it as I have the  yarn so in reality, that thing will be a WIP for the next several years.

I added the ewok hat and minion hat because I got an order yesterday for them. I am knocking those out relatively quickly, which is a pleasant reminder to why I like crocheting certain things as opposed to knitting.

And, of course, socks – I “started” them by picking out the yarn and winding the first lil skein into a ball … oh, and I put it in my sock bag *winks* Major progress there.

Watch for a pattern review of the ewok hat along with the release of a knit pattern by yours truly in the very near future.

Simply because I do not like having a blog post without some form or a more personal picture (or at least

something of a real life object instead of a screenshot from Pivotal), here is a picture of our cat. I will have to explain sometime about her paralysis … hence the diaper. If you want to see pictures on her on any of my social media sites, just look for #knittykitty. 

I like this photo since it shows of my knitting and our favorite lil orange cat, snoozing away.

God Bless!


If you enjoy reading about what people have going on the hooks, needles, looms or whatever else, stop by Tami’s Amis blog. She hosts a Mr. Linky every Wednesday for WIP Wednesday – so read what everyone else is doing OR post a link of your own.

Happy Reading :)

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Year of Projects 2014

A’right.. so I need to own up to my YOP 3 list and discuss my 2014 list.

First, let me say outright that I love the idea of a Year of Projects. I love numbers and I love analysis – tracking my work for a year is actually something I find really fun (don’t judge) and I will keep doing it. Heck, I created a Pivotal Tracker for my yarny adventures – that is linked on the right if you wanted to check it out.

What I do/did not like is the YOP project group on Ravelry was split year… each year. It is a strange split for me so I made a decision to just cut the tie with that split and do an actual “year of projects” by year. I’m sure the group is ok with this – its just a different split, one that makes more sense to me.

But in order to make this split – I need to wrap up my previous YOP 3 listing. I did some clean up when coming up with the yop2014 listing, which is, of course, smaller since we are coming to a close of this year. Below is my list from YOP3 and where it stands as of now and if incomplete, if its being added to yop2014.

YOP3 List
– Navajo Diamonds Blanket – DONE!
– 10 pairs of socks – 7 of 10 DONE!
– Sweater for the Man – DONE!
– Spats for my daughter – not done
– Fingerless mitts – DONE!
– Scrap-ghan (did a Corner 2 Corner design) – DONE! 
– Knit a wearable for me – DONE!
– Summer Flies Shawl #2 – not done and not added to yop2014 list
– Summer Flies Shawl #1 – DONE!
– Lapghan for a gift – DONE!

YOP2014 List
– The remaining 3 pair of socks were added to this list
– Spats for my daughter
– Illusion Knit – new to this list, was not on YOP3 listing
– Lapghan #2 – new to this list

So in reality, outside of 3 pair of socks, a pair of spats, and the second Summer Flies shawl, I didn’t do half bad on my YOP3 listing. I am hoping to have these done (with the exception of Summer Flies #2, which was completely dropped from the list) done by the end of the year along with the additional items on my 2014 list. Everything, excluding the lapghan, on the 2014 list are Christmas gifts, so I had better have them done by the end of the year *laughs*


This post is part of the Come-Blog-Along Year of Projects group on Ravelry. If you are interested in joining or reading other posts from other participants, please visit the group linked here.


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Quiet Morning

This is actually the first blog post made from my cellular device. I’m a little hesitant mostly because I don’t see where I can put in a picture. 

It’s Saturday morning… both kids are up and actually in the same room but it is quiet as can be. All I can here is the downstairs shower. The Man must be up too.

I took a photo of the shawl I finished yesterday and even posted a vine of it. Vine… that’s a new spot for me, now linked on the right; albeit I’m not so sure I’ll be posting frequently there. My non-blog update spot remains Instagram.

Heck, I even posted on YouTube this morning. It’s been 2 years since I last did that. This shawl is inspiring *laughs*

So what is on the menu today? No clue… last weekend I said nothing was going to happen and I ended up at a Cubs – Cards game with the man and our friends – complimentary tickets in hand. So who knows where the day will take me. I’m only sure that no matter where, I’ll have some yarn with me.

PS: I figured out where to add the photo… but blogger app developers – why only 1 and why only at the bottom? *grrrrrrr*