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roxieMeet Roxie.

Roxie is enjoying a crisp, cool beverage at one of our local Starbucks (albeit the straw is key because her poor lil arms just aren’t long enough to reach).

Roxie is an absolutely adorable knitted dinosaur and was made special for a little person who is in process. Read the rest of this entry »


Moving Forward – another step in embracing my fibery goodness!

This is a quick update to my last post about changing things up…. I’m working on it.

I have registered a new URL (which the blog will be moving to.. but not quite yet) – it’s still empty at this point but for those who want to know now, its I plan on really expanding what I am posting about to include all things fiber. Of course, the majority of my work is knitting and crochet right now, but I like to sew, weave, spin, and tat… so there is no reason that I cannot embrace it all.

I have also created a new Facebook page where I’m sharing information and patterns regularly under the name Yarntasia. Please do stop by and like the page. I am still working on getting a logo for Yarntasia (which I think you all will ADORE) and some other photos. I’m already posting patterns I’m finding on Ravelry that are marked free for a limited time and also some articles I’m finding. I’ll be posting links to the blog and other wonderful goodies as time progresses.

I’m pooling together some other ideas for Yarntasia and will be moving forward with this change in my life – this embracing of all things fiber and sharing the passion with the community.

Outside of that – things are going well. Just please do remember to head over to FB and like Yarntasia – I’ll be using it side-by-side with the blog, Instagram, and other outlets to create a full fiber experience.

Be well :)


A Head’s Up on Changing Things Up

I have done a lot of thinking: before, during, and after my blog post from a few days ago (Taking My Hour). And quite frankly, I’ve probably been thinking about this for a while.

What? Dare you ask…. well, I think I need to change things up a bit. Let’s be realistic – I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up and I’m already 39. I have done a LOT of things in my life… some are standard expectations of a bicentennial baby… others not so much. And some are pretty weird – but the reality is I have always put myself in a place that whatever I am doing it should be something that generates happiness. I try to not put myself into positions where you feel stuck or obligated – especially if those places make you feel terrible about yourself. Read the rest of this entry »


A Head Start to the Holidays

2015 06 11 blanket 1Whelp, I’m doing it. That’s right – finally doing it.

I say it every year that I’m going to get an early start to my holiday crafting and then, inevitably, I don’t. I say I’m going to stay in May but end up rushing myself through October, November, and December in hopes to get it all done. Read the rest of this entry »


YOP 2015 Update


Total Items: 15
Total Complete: 5 (33%)
In Progress: 1 (7%)

I’m cruising right along with my YOP 2015 list. I was able to finish off a blanket for someone very special in the last week and start a different “in progress: 1” item. That’s pretty exciting!

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Celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Day 2015

farmers market 2June 13, 2015 – those who could wield, weld. Read the rest of this entry »


World Wide Knit in Public Day – June 12, 2015

I must admit that a designated Knit in Public Day is kinda strange to me – not because its strange to knit in public. It’s strange because who, of us that do knit, do not knit in public?

Now – don’t get me wrong – I think its pretty awesome to think about the hundreds of thousands of fiber artists that will go out on Saturday with the explicit desire to knit in public.

If you read my blog from earlier, you know I can’t really afford to reward anyone with a prize – but I figured I’d pass up a bit of a game. Read the rest of this entry »


Rough Day (or: Taking My Hour) – Journal Entry

Things haven’t been so lovely as of recent – and I know that my complaints aren’t really what people want to read about… I know I know – its my blog. I can say whatever I want.

But even in my “real” life (I use air quotes because who I am on this blog is who I am in real life), I try not to walk around and complain. In a way, I think the majority of all I come in contact with appreciate my outlook on life, but admittedly when things hit, they hit hard.The last week has been pretty rough emotionally and financially – but quite frankly, today I took a proverbial punch to the jaw and I’m finding it difficult to “take my hour.” Read the rest of this entry »