A Rough Start to Loving the Results (or: The Man’s scarf was a real pain in my arse!) – a photo journey

20 Apr

My family took a wacky trip to Iowa earlier this year… and I stopped a WONDERFUL little shop called the Knit & Knot in Bettendorf, IA… and I bought some yarn… and the Man wanted me to buy some yarn to make him a scarf…. and I did.

These are the photos of that story.

On February 5th, I opened a new item in my project tracker – The Man’s Scarf. This photo was taken the evening I began.

2015 02 28 scarf 1

This is a gorgeous Malibrigo bulky yarn. The Man did pick it out. I am used to working in lace/sock weight. This is where the challenge began.

2015 02 28 scarf 2

I think I’ll just do a nice, simple 4 or 6 row repeat of each color – no problem…. but the problem revealed itself, after 4 repeats, the colors were not very different from one another – they were blending into one another and losing themselves within the very basic pattern and the other color.


2015 02 28 scarf 3

At this point I didn’t know if I wanted to knit or crochet, big needle/hook, small needle/hook. The bulky yarn confused me. I really feel as if I can get better detail when I use smaller yarns – so how in the world was I going to get this scarf done for the Man and really showcase each of the yarn colors.

I remembered a little pattern repeat that a friend told me about… I gave that a whirl.

2015 02 28 scarf 4

Ok.. I liked this. Let’s keep going and get another color in there…. but do I do even rows, random rows?

2015 02 28 scarf 5

I went with random rows and what better way to get random rows than a d20 dice (1-20 on one dice… oh yea…. this will work!)

2015 02 28 scarf 6

Finally – progress I really liked.

And… only a few days later – DONE!

2015 02 28 scarf 7

The man loved it.

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