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Items "NEEDED" to Crochet

Through the years folks always ask “well, what do you need to start crocheting.” Well, to be honest, you only NEED a material that is long and pliable and can be bent around itself without breaking and thin enough to do it – everything else is bonus material.

I will conceed that there are items that I use to make my crochet life a bit easier… ya know, like a crochet hook. Snarky comments aside, there are a few items that a person can get that will facilitate starting the hobby. I posted a YouTube video explaining: Click Here

In addition to the video – I’d also like to suggest this little gem. I have never seen anyone use or mention it so I like to think its somewhat original (but who knows – comment and let me know if you’ve seen it before).

To make:
1. Crochet a chain long enough to wrap around your computer screen with about 5 inches left over.

2. Turn

3. In 6th chain from hook, sc all the way down to the other end, stopping approximately 10 chains from the end

4. slip stitch and tie off (not sc’ing in the last 10 chains gives it a nice taper

Simply wrap the screen marker around your computer screen and slide the chain tail through the loop you left from step 1. It’s adjustable and soft! You can move it anywhere on screen to mark your place in any pattern.

I came up with the idea while working on a heart doily pattern. I kept looking up at the screen and realized how easy it was to lose my place. I pulled my needle out of the doily, slid it into a scrap of yarn and created my first computer ruler. It keeps my place on screen and slides up and and down very easily without damaging the screen. So many of the crochet patterns I use are online. It saves from having to print the patterns (bookmark and pull it up when I want to work on it) making it a bit ecofriendly too. Since I use different laptops that have different screen sizes, I make it to fit the largest and have it adjustable to fit the smallest.