Charitable Crafting

This space is reserved for various charitable projects focused on crochet; however, I will list others that are "yarnie friendly" such as accepting other types of yarn creations in addition to crochet. I believe I am going to start out listing only those that I have participated in but include, in another separate list, those that I have not participated in for whatever reason. If you participate in any of these projects, do know it is at your own responsibility and financial cost list shipping.

Remember, do not provide your personal information to any organization or project you do not trust.

If you have a charitable project or program you would like me to review for possible inclusion, do contact me via email.

Organization Description Web Link Have I done this one?
Bridge and Beyond A charitable project focusing on providing hand knit/crocheted items for homeless/needy men and women in central Ohio. Website I have not participated but have been following the blog for a few months now and plan on donating.
Embracing Hope Not yet a 501(c)(3) organization, this project aims at putting handmade bears in the hands of children who are victims of abuse. Website I have not participated but would like to make one or two bears this year, if not more.
Head Huggers Head Huggers is a project that puts crafted hats of all kinds into the hands of individuals going through chemo treatment. Website In Progress. I created a tutorial on how to make one of the hats. I plan to begin donating to this project soon
Knitted Knockers A project to put light, breathable, realistic feeling knitting & crocheted breasts. These are used in place of silicone prosthetic pieces that are uncomfortable, heavy, and cause rashes. Website While I have not sent actual donations to Knitted Knockers, several people have contacted me via email and requested a knocker. I have been able to create for a majority of the requests.
Miracles Happen The purpose of this program is to provide women with handmade items for newborns to help a woman who does not have a family support group. Website
Special Olympics Scarf Project The purpose of this project is to create knit and crochet scarves using designated colors. The scarves are given to every special olympic athlete, family member, and volunteer. The scarves represent unity. n/a Yes. I enjoyed this project and plan to participate every year

UPDATE: Sadly, the program has ended.

Springfield Stitches for a Cause This is a Charitable Fiber Arts Group with a focus on helping the local community through different efforts. Blog


I have been following this group on Facebook for a little while and fully expect to donate items to the various causes as they are announced.
Wildlife Rescue Nests A group focused on directing the creation of crochet and knitted “critter nests” to various organizations in need. Facebook I am currently creating to donate to the rescue in my home state (but again, there are a LOT of organizations across the world associated to this organization to choose from)
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