In which I dye…

27 Nov

In the last month or so, I spent ample amount of time learning to dye with kool-aid. I spent time with my friend, who has a plethora of chemical dyes, but I wanted to take a step into the more natural before going completely apocolyptic with forging for nuts, berries, and bark (I know that day is coming, I can feel it in meh bones). 

What kicked me into full gear is that a cousin of mine wanted to adventure over to my house and learn to dye (completely new to any dying process). She is a crocheter and was ready to take her first steps into a new angle of fiber arts. So who am I to say no? *laughs* I did several trial runs before her visit and was full on ready for her arrival. I did stay basic with doing a couple skeins via pot dying and then taking the road show outside to the patio table where we did some hand dying.


From left to right – this was our adventure in kool-aid dying for the day. The purple at the far left was the pot dyed stuff. Purplesaurus Rex, if anyone is keeping track of the colors used. The next two are the skeins she dyed. The last two are mine.

So once Sis (that’s what I have called my cousin her entire life) left, I had a few more skeins that needed to take a dip….


The two pink were pot dyed using the rolling boil to my advantage. The other two, truthfully, I cannot remember. I just giggle whenever I see the one in the center because to me, it looks like a giraffe. And I used purple and blue… and somehow got giraffe. I’m pretty sure I could never do that again – even if I tried super hard.

Sis and I had a blast dying yarn – we laughed the entire way through and she left with a new skillset – and confidence to do it. And yarn… she left with yarn.


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