FO Friday… (aka: wholly schnockers – I finished something!)

28 Nov

wp-1480257278100.jpgSomehow, on a Friday, I finished something… something big. And there is no way that I’m waiting a whole other week to announce it just to make the post on a Friday. No way, no how.

That sweater was cast on the end of last year and frequently sat to the back burner to finish other things…. granted, once the cast-on excitement of the new fiber relationship wore off, I really didn’t like the idea of knitting a field of green…. in pieces… to later just knit MORE to put it together…. so back burner it was.

It was a back burner cozy.

With the 4 day holiday, I decided to wrap up some of my projects that are on the hooks and needles. I first finished a red cap that has no owner selected, a pair of Christmas socks, and a cat hat I just decided to whip up for Squirt…. note: two of the three finished items were not critical to the holidays or any particular giving need… and I chose them over the sweater.

So – the last time I went into my craft room to look around, imagine my disappointment when the only task in front of me was wrapping up the sweater. I had to finish the 2nd sleeve, knit up the collar and front button panels… and put the darn thing together. Total, it was probably only about 10 hours of effort… but still…. field of green.

I pulled up my big girl pants and went at it – finishing it probably around 11pm on Friday night, and I threw it into a water bath to try and get the purls to lighten up a bit. It came out just right – fits him like it was made for him…. oh… Yeah. that’s right. It was.

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