Playing with yarn…

28 Sep

nyx-playingI’m sure this is one of those topics that fiber bloggers have written about multiple times… Heck, I may have even blogged about it before. I’d have to go look.

But – hey, why not once more?

What is the draw of fiber artists to cats? Its not like they make fiber life easy. Heck, sometimes they can make it darn near impossible – so much so that I know I have put my yarn away due to cat.

Pictured here is our newest addition, Nyx and my niddy noddy…. nothing like trying to wrap some yarn into hanks for dying and getting some assistance from a little furry friend.

But its fun. I have even read articles about knitters who go to shelters to deliberately knit with the kittens. its some sick form of fun and frustration (funstration?) fiber artists like to submit themselves to.

But there is something super cute about a cat playing with yarn. Something soothing – its cute. Take another look at Nyx in the photo – Squirt tied a yarn bow around her tail and that cat wore it for at least two hours. I ended up taking it out of her tail because it was bedtime and well, you just don’t leave a kitten alone with a bow in their tail overnight. Its just not prudent.

Yarn puts a glint in a cat’s eyes faster than anything else … perhaps even cat nip (and you don’t get the crazy). Its almost like an untamed version of how I feel about finding a new yarn or a new technique… I get super excited (although I am able to resist jumping into it and tossing it around the room … especially while at the yarn store).

Do you have any fun photos of attempted fiber art with cats? I know I have others, even one of our cat, Kyul, that passed away last year – before and after she lost her ability to walk. She just loved yarn and I loved giving her the yarn to play with.

So please.. please share!

While I wait… I think there is a cat that would like to lay next to me (ish) while I knit.


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