I was good. (aka: Man, I want to buy some yarn!)

05 Mar

I went to Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby with a friend specifically so that she could get yarn to finish off two projects (somehow, she had run out on both). I have put myself on a little yarn diet, nothing to strict… nothing too crazy. If I need it, I buy it; otherwise I try to just knit and crochet from stash.

So… we go to the store. I’m doing good.

Store 1 – good to go.

Store 2 – we get back there and I start thinking about what mittens I’m going to make. I am thinking about what colors I should try to chart the one mitten in (see mitten playbook image from previous post). If I get both with blue, how do I carry that over… do I just get two blue and then the supporting color. I don’t know – maybe two of each color bringing my total up to 6 skeins… wait, no – then what if I want to make the dalek hat to match the dalek mittens … and the spiral went on. I had gone so far as to start loading up my arms with yarn whilst my friend just stood there and looked at me – her one controlled skein in hand.

Stop stop stop!

I was able to put the yarn down and back away from the shelves. I had to. I was just buying to buy by the time I recognized what was happening.

We returned to work – her with 2 skeins and me with nothing but a great text to The Man who apparently knows me pretty well (and I love that he does not question any yarn purchase besides thinking knowing its something I needed to get).

text convo

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Posted by on March 5, 2015 in Fiber Humor, Rambles and Reflections


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