WIP Wednesday… what?!?

28 Sep

I seem to be on a bit of a roll with posting regularly but I definitely do not want to jinx it. *laughs*

So for me – just giving a brief update on my current projects.

Project 1 – DC’s Sweater
I continue to not make progress on this sweater. I swore thought that I was gonna get a chance to work on it last Sunday buuuut, the whole air conditioner thing and feeling like I was living in a tent that was on fire at the gates of hell kinda put a wrench on that plan. And then I went to my tracker (ah, good ole tracker) and realized just how much of my YOP stuff I have not finished as well as just how behind I am on Christmas presents to tell me that perhaps I should put that one on the back burner. So – back burner it is.

Project 2- Socks
I did cast on a new pair of socks for two reasons: 1: I am WAY behind on the Christmas wp-1475028432147.jpgpresent making (as if I have not mentioned that a million times in the last week). 2: I hand-dyed some yarn and I couldn’t want to make it into something. Wait… perhaps there are 3 reasons: 3 – I needed something that I could easily take with me places to make progress on reason number 1.

This is a photo of my progress over the course of the last two evenings. That is sock 1.

This is not going well for me.

Project 3 and 4- Scapghans
According to the aforementioned tracker, I have two scrapghans in progress. Well – the update there is I have not seen them. I left one in a large plastic tub and the other… well, I don’t know where it’s at but the last time I saw it – it was working up rather nice. Very cute indeed. But… yea, that was a while ago.

That’s what I have going on in the project department. I’m hoping to have a little more going for me with that sock by the end of the week – and perhaps I could actually show you a finished sock (doubt itnaysayer… doubt it).

If you are interested in what other folks are doing with their fiber projects, check out Tami’s Amis blog and post a link to yours if you have one!

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