Where do I rank?

25 Sep

2014-12-01_stockings_mediumSeptember 25 – that puts us roughly 90 days until Christmas… and I am no where near even starting Christmas presents. Yowzers.

Someone had the cahonees (or however that is spelled) to post a meme on Facebook splattering the fact it was only 100 days until Christmas.

Who does that?

Sadists…. that’s who. Crazy, mean non-crafting sadists.

I know that I have at least 3 pairs of socks to work my way through and a few other planned gifts I do not want to mention (as I know some family read my blog and others wouldn’t be expecting anything but socks). I have no idea how I’m going to get through it all but in the end, whatever I do get done is what I get done and that’s that.

Aside from that little ramble – why in the world would someone so far behind schedule for making Christmas presents even be bold enough to bring it up? Well – I sold a pattern yesterday. I have 2 pattern files for sale on Ravelry* (and Etsy*) – one is for three crochet dishcloths and the other is for my take on a traditional Christmas stocking.

Ok – and that means what to this blog? Yes, I read your minds.

Well – I was curious where I ranked and quite frankly, not very high! I’m not overly surprised because the stocking is a paid pattern – but I am curious how this one person found it. I went 10 pages deep on Ravelry under the search “stocking” and then in the category stocking and the category Christmas Stocking. 10 pages deep on each and not listed. I am curious how to get the ranking up – is it likes? number of times added to a queue? … does anyone know?

I know it seems selfish but for some reason it is something I thought about and am now curious. I remember how exciting it was last year when I actually made it on the first page of the “what’s hot now” search.

Not meaning to sound selfish about it or shallow but.. ya know.

Wait… now that I think about it, in addition to socks I have a handmade gift I need to make and have ready by Christmas and then turn around and make another for the Family Holiday (we started doing something in March, the extended family) … so much to get done!

And I have a memory blanket to stitch together for someone.

oh dear.

Christmas is coming.
I had better get to crafting.


*Note: the only reason I linked to the shops is because on Ravelry, I also have several free patterns!

**Note: when I went to Etsy I realized a few listings had expired and figured it was time to re-list some items. Only one pattern is there but my husband hand turns some beautiful pens.. ya know, if you are interested.

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