25 Sep

Artemis – enjoying the open window.

Nothing is more demotivational to a knitter than the A/C going out when it feels like 95’F outside. I had planned to pick up DC’s sweater and knock off the last sleeve and maybe, just maybe, get it joined together.

What happened today was at around 10am I noticed the A/C fan was blowing trying to get the house to a sweet 72’F but the reality was the house was at 76’F and not looking back. The Man went through and did what he could to check the this and thats he was aware of checking and gave YouTube a good look over. After no luck and turning the power off at the box, we had a lovely conversation about “do we fix it now or do we just wait until spring… pushing through any intolerable days as we make our way into the cool breeze of Autumn.

I had genuinely thought that with enough fans, when the sun began to set, the house would cool almost as fast as it did outside. Not so, home skillet. At last check, it was 82’F in the house and 74’F outside. Pfft. I had all the windows I could get open .. open. And I purchased over 80$ USD in fans – so total I had a window fan, a box fan, a stand fan, and my air purifier fan…. everything going – pushing and pulling air strategically from one room to another.

There was just no breeze. None. The temperature outside slowly reached “pleasant” on the where-I’d-like-my-house-to-be scale, but it was not translating inside. Homeostasis was not achieved. Its now almost 11pm and it is no where in site.

I sent everyone to bed with their own fan and I’m sitting here with mine.

So where did The Man and I land? Well, the sweater is in the same bits it was in yesterday – and I think he is going to call “our guy” tomorrow and have him come take a looks-see. We have a financial line in the sand that determines if it gets fixed tomorrow or next Spring.

If we are in the same boat tomorrow and the temp is still insane, I have a feeling I’ll be casting on a sock.

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Posted by on September 25, 2016 in Rambles and Reflections


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