A new go-to

23 Sep

wp-1474673235206.jpgI have mentioned before, actually I think I brought this up in the last 6 months, about how I have always wanted to have a stash of baby blankets pre-made so that when a friend or family member came up ‘in a family way’ I would not be left scrambling to make a gift for the shower.

For some reason, in the last I don’t know how many years, I never once thought “hey, does it really have to be a baby blanket.” I’m known for thinking outside the box, but this one got me. I was so far in the box I think I was actually caught somewhere between the box and the floor.

On a whim I got a pattern from M-, a friend from my Monday knitting group. I worked through it very quickly and realized that this lil bunny can be my new go-to. It’s cute, its soft, and it works up really darn fast. I have made a total of 5, 2 have been given as gifts already and one is in flight.

I do want to do a blog post on the pattern I’m using to share that information (and I don’t know what it is off hand to even mention it by partial-name).

wp-1474673255956.jpgHere are a couple of my finished bunnies – I’m pretty pleased with them. I chose to not stitch a face on them. They seem more vintage without and I like that.

Out of the ball of yarn I’m using, I should get one more and then I can move on to other projects… like getting Christmas presents started.


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Posted by on September 23, 2016 in My Projects


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