Living in my bubble … with yarn.

07 Jul

shawlYup – a rambly not-really-fiber-related post of words. I apologize now.


What Facebook has taught me is that the world continues to spin no matter what stage or life event you are working through. Admittedly, my personal Facebook isn’t super exciting. There are a lot of family photos posted, usually from our little stay-cay adventures, or pictures of yarn… or yarn projects in flight. But when I log in, I always love to browse down a bit in the news feed to see what else is going on – and it is there that I get a visual reminder that the world is spinning for everyone – and not in the same direction.

I actually feel I have a solid sense of my place in this world – and that the world is a huge place filled with everything, everyone, and lots of stuff in between. We each have a purpose and as a whole, there is a collective purpose as well – God is perfect and this world is perfect in how it works.

When I scrolled down my feed not 10 minutes ago, there were nostalgic “gee look at us when we were in our 20s” posts, new babies, birthdays, deaths, remembrances, and excitement. New love, lost lost, old forever-boy-I-hope-we-have-that love. All with a scroll of the mouse.

I don’t know why tonight I’m overly sensitive outside of just experiencing a few individuals in my day-to-day life that do not seem to grasp just how minute their existence is in comparison to the whole. How can you think your bubble is THE bubble? How can you get lost in yourself and not realize that someone else is in a completely different place as you?

It makes me thankful I have a hobby (or several) that allow me to spend time being introspective. I don’t really question where my mind goes as I’m doing these things, I embrace it. Being able to really contemplate myself on where my bubble fits into the billions of other bubbles in the world – its pretty cool.

Oddly, what I do find is that with the amount and reach of technology, the chaos of government, and general malarki of the world – I like to retreat inside my bubble. with yarn. alone. to think.


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