WIP Wednesday and Other Random Thoughts

06 Jul

I have no 3a22f-wip_wednesdayidea what to share. I used to be so organized – now I’m just so “here”

From my last post  – I have yet to find the elusive lost sock. Kinda miffed about that. It really was is one of my favorites. I have not yet gone through all shirts and pants, sticking my arm in and felching around. That is the next step.

Hope is not yet lost.

Note to self: update logos/tags to say iYarny… not Crochet with Cris.

Today is the “go back to my real job after five days off” day. I won’t lie – it was rough. I definitely had an internal preference of just kinda sitting back, thinking about fiber, perhaps a little geo-cache fun. My mind wandered a lot. I was a little thankful for the couple little meetings I had no input for as it gave me time to let my mind wander.

I don’t really want to avoid my work… not usually. In fact, I tend to work well over 40 hours a week and on an average day, actually enjoy what I do. I know that’s a rarity … and dare I point out yarn is not part of my paid work day. But today is a day I would have rather just ran away. No one was particularly difficult – but I really wanted to just slink away with some yarn.

wipWhat would I work on? Probably my main (possibly only) WIP that I have: a pair of socks. The yarn is a hand dyed yarn, dyed by my friend A-with. Socks, also for A-with.

She and I knitware-barter a couple times every year… usually it is she making me a shawl in exchange for me making she a pair of socks. I actually completed a pair of socks for her a week ago but for some reason the bind off was too tight. It was my normal bind-off and my normal A-with pattern (reference previous statement that she and I knitware barter a couple times every year) … but somehow it just didn’t go over her heal. Those socks (also a hand-dyed by A-with) were given to the Man and these were cast on. I have a few hours into them. This is sock #1. I was hoping to have 2 mostly done but 1 seems to be taking its sweet time to get off the needles.

These socks are actually from the blank she dyed (shown here). Its working up rather dye1interestingly… not what I would have expected from the panel.

I will say that what I didn’t like about this blank was the same thing I liked about it – its double knit. So when dying, you get two relatively close 50 gram balls of yarn; however, unwinding the panel into two relatively close 50 gram balls of yarn was a chore and a half.






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