Negative Knitting

09 Feb

sweater 1This.. has turned into a bigger ball of yarn – well, not all of it. Hmmm technically not even this. This is the back panel. Just the newly started front panel is back on the ball of yarn.

I detest negative knitting. For those of those not familiar – its where you start something and have to tear back – you are knitting space you already knitted but for whatever reason, you are less than where you started.

Mine occurred last night at knit group. I had the correct cast on number, I had completed my 2 inches of 2×2 ribbing and for some reason, even though I had 98 stitches, the same cast on number from the back panel, when I finished my row, I was coming up way wrong. I was to finish the repeat pattern and end with 5 stitches at the end… and I had 10 … so if I did the repeat I couldn’t go through the whole repeat. But if I didn’t do the repeat, then I had way too many stitches left over to finish the edge the way the panel requires.

It seemed like no matter what I did or how I did it, it was wrong. I tinked back the row halfway, thinking I missed a count somewhere in the repeatĀ … didn’t work. Then I tinked back the whole row and tried again… another big miss. Then I ripped out the row all the way back to the ribbing, finished the ribbing up again and then did the pattern repeat…. wrong again, home skillet.

And that left me with ripping the whole darn thing out, left to try again another day. I am hoping to pick it up and cast on tonight, perhaps finish the ribbing tomorrow. Then, just maybe, I’ll be back on the positive side of knitting by Friday.

I have no idea what type of insight pulling the whole thing out will give me, but I am sure it is going to be glorious (or at least I hope I do because I really don’t have much of anything else I can do .. ya know, besides really looking at the back panel I finished and calculating out what exactly I did so that I can repeat it … but whatever it is, I’m guessing it is not what the pattern called for).

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Posted by on February 9, 2016 in My Projects


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