Dying … yarn.

04 Feb

In the last month, I have extended my fiber artistry (dare I be so bold to use the word artistry?) to include yarn dying. Granted, I’m only scratching the surface but – scratched the surface is!


From December

A friend from my weekly yarn group has been hosting dying parties at her house, sharing her knowledge on dying. I have attended two, one in December and one in January. It’s pretty exciting to see what I’ve been able to create in such a short amount of time.

I learned a lot at the first session (December). Lessons Learned included never skimp on the plastic wrap, leave a little room for bleeding dye, and there is a such thing as too much dye.

While the blank doesn’t look exactly as I had envisioned it (or overpainted it), it came out very nice. Its a very rich brown with sections that have a hint of berry (and I have no idea where the alien face came from… but its interesting… that or a ‘screaming bear’ – no, I’m not drinking).

So… with that weird little side note aside, here are the products from the January session:

dying_allskeins These are all the skeins dyed. I did not do a blank this time and unfortunately, my photo that showed the blanks didn’t turn out all that well.

The rich blue at the top was kettle dyed and given away as a party prize.

The two skeins below that were dyed by the friend holding the session but they were dyed for someone else.

The next two down (has a red tip and then the next has some pink in the middle)… those are not mine. HA!

The black and yellow skeins are mine. I was very pleased at the saturation I got for the black. The yellow is not what I had envisioned when I started, but the outcome was very autumnal – which are totally colors I love. I was unsure of the yellow but it turned out to be a great base color.

The last 2 were dyed for a friend that had planned to come but ended up having a little bit of a health issue so … we missed her. Her birthday was that next weekend too. So my hostess friend dyed the one with the pinks and I did the violet skein. Those two ended up being super cute together – I made a couple cute little ball bands to spruce them up and we gave them to her as a get well/birthday present. She seemed to really love them (and she is back to full health again which is bestest of all).

I’ll wrap this up with a close-up of the two skein sets I had my hands on.



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