Handmade Christmas (late posting)

02 Feb

First and foremost, how in the world have I gotten so behind? It’s already February, I have figured out how to sign the correct year to random documents and checks, and I have not yet gone over my homemade gift from Christmas? Sheesh – slacker.

Any reader that has been following along for the last year or longer knows that my family has a little tradition of hand made gifts for Christmas. No one is forced and its not the whole process – but its our tradition (that will be moving to March come next year! – crazy!). How it works is everyone who wishes to participate draws a name (and by draw name I mean I use a web application to do it for me). They have all year to make that person an item. You can buy supplies or part of the decor (like if you make a shelf, you can buy hooks to put on it … or perhaps get some fun items from a flea market and put them together creatively). Then, on Christmas Eve, we start with one person to open their gift… then the next person is the person they made for – so it goes in a big ole circle and its fun.

For me, its a nice reminder on the simplicities of life and how to be self-sufficient. How to appreciate the little things and love doing something very specific for a loved one. I started my kids doing it when they were little and they have enjoyed it every year. It definitely promotes learning new skills (both my kids dipped into wood working last year) and being an independent, creative thinker.

I drew my brother’s name and knit him a whole outdoorsy set (balaclava, leg warmers, cowl) because he likes to do gold-panning year round and it can get very cold out there. I forgot to take pictures. That’s my bad.

But this post isn’t necessarily about what I did – it is about what I received.

A few months before Christmas I noticed a new broom in the corner of the dining room. I asked and was told the one downstairs was getting worn out. Curious… because the last time I used it, it worked fine… and really – just how many times does one buy a broom in their life? I let it slide.

A month or so after that, there was another new broom. I inquired and was told that a new broom was needed for the garage.

I really felt something was odd about this but figured we were single handedly keeping this broom company in the green. And boy – we must be rough on brooms.

boxCome Christmas Eve, I received this little gem and it explained why we were truly keeping that broom company in the green.

This was made by my son, who is now 16. He made a box and somehow got all those broom bristles down in it to make a holder for my knitting needles. It works very similar to those knife blocks where you can put the knife in it anywhere.

It was extremely thoughtful of him. I definitely needed some more storage for my straights and packages of DPNs and now I have it.

He said he came up with the idea on his own and with just a little direction from the Man, was able to put the box together.

I think its amazing.

Oh, and that chessboard is actually the handmade present from the Man to my son – and it was loved as well. Here is a better picture of it (its a box, inside space is partitioned out to hold the pieces).



Posted by on February 2, 2016 in Rambles and Reflections


2 responses to “Handmade Christmas (late posting)

  1. iesadora

    February 2, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    You lucky girl to have such creative and talented boys in you life!!!!!

    • Cris

      February 4, 2016 at 12:56 pm

      I think so too!


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