On the Food Front – something new

11 Jan

Truth – I do more than play with yarn.

Truth – I wish that weren’t a truth.

One of my responsibilities is to make sure the family is fed. And, I think (like most people/families in the world) we fall into ruts. This year, one of my New Year’s aspirations is to try something new each week in the food department – which translates as: find some yummy looking recipe on Pinterest and make the sucker.

I have made two things thus far, the first being a Chicken Pot Pie – the kind where you make the gravy/sauce (not with a cream soup of some kind).

And it was really good! potpie

On the left is the photo from the “Girl Who Ate Everything” blog – the recipe picture. On the left is my creation.

No – its not as pretty.

Yes – my crust could have feasibly cooked a little longer.

Yes – the family (excluding my super picky son) loved it. I did the recipe pretty much as it was supposed to with consideration to using fewer peas and more chicken. In the end, I had to pour my concoction into two pie plates so I got a lot out of it.

Truthfully – mine didn’t look much different than the one pictured for the recipe, which I would almost lay money the blogger did her best to take the absolute most beautiful photo for her recipe page (I would have).

It was relatively easy to put together just keep in mind that it misses the part of the recipe that tells you to put the gravy/sauce over the chicken mix and then pour into the shell. And the part you put the 2nd shell on top. I don’t think its a huge issue because most folks can pretty much figure out from experience (and/or her photos) that the gravy goes with the middle and there is a crust on top.

Interested in making this: find it on her bl0g The Girl Who Ate Everything. I’m linking you to her main blog page because she has a LOT of fantastic recipes I’m sure will make it on my “try something new” list.


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