Project Stats for 2015

08 Jan

shawlI suppose, like others, I should take a moment and look back at what I completed in 2015… perhaps wrap some numbers/percentages around it (because as any of my regular readers know, i LOVE numbers and stats).

So – overall, I finished a total of 49 projects in 2015. The easy stat there is that I finished, basically, one project per week (of course, we know that’s not true!)

On average, it took me 24 days to finish a single project. The longest it took me to finish a project in 2015 was 582 days which belongs to a lapghan that I started in Febrary of 2014. WOWZERS! If I take out that lil gem as an outlier, then my average to complete a project actually drops to 13 days. Not too shabby!

30 projects were knit, 9 were crocheted (including that lapghan), 10 were sewn.

11 items were made as part of my YOP 2015 effort.

So what was gifted? charity?

33 of my projects were made as gifts. A good portion of those gifts were for Christmas (and they all seemed to be well received). 4 items were made to sell … and were sold. 5 items on my list were made for donation/charity.

Overall, I think it was a great year and I plan on making more. I do think I will work on donating more work towards various charities.

What’s your plan for 2016?




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