First Time Dyer

07 Jan

I hadn’t had a chance to post before this but I do think I mentioned that I was going to learn to dye yarn at a friend’s house – my friend, a woman I met several years ago through my knitting group, is a multi-faceted fiber artist and fiber enthusiast. She is always trying something new – well, A-with (that’s what I’ll call her) decided to do a dying class in January but wanted to work some kinks out – so being a first time dyer, she asked if I could come over in December and do some dying.

Uhm… YEAH!

No need to ask me twice!

I showed up, yarn was had, dye was applied, heat was generated and it was great!

dye3This was my first skein to dye. I was going for a ‘starry starry night’ effect. This was hand painted using a blue, violet, and yellow. I do think I used wait too much yellow to create the effect I was looking for but hey – it was my absolute first dying experience *smiles*

We did two hanks of bulky yarn in this manner – I have wound them into balls but need to re-wind them into center pull balls once I get to a point I’m ready to knit them up. I’m not quite sure what to knit but I am sure it’ll come to me.

dye4The second dye job that I did was kettle dying. Ok – this was interesting because we added the dye and by the time we were done with it, the water ran clear. That in itself was a very interesting experience. A-with told me it would happen but for some reason, it just amazed me to actually see it.

Admittedly, I really really REALLY like how this one came out. The color isn’t solid – but it has some really nice color changes to it, all shades of the Sage Green dye we used in the water. We dyed 2 hanks of this which is worsted weight. I could see this being a lovely baby blanket, a scarf/hat set – maybe mittens and a scarf… I dunno – but its really pretty!  The picture doesn’t really do it justice. Just like the Starry Starry Night inspired yarn, it is wound into regular balls but will soon make its way to center pull.

If I had a knitty-knoddy I’d totally have four hanks of lovely hand dyed yarn. Oh well – its on my Christmas list (I’m sure The Man can whip me one up in the garage).

dye2The last two here are hand-painted yarn blanks – they are double knit blanks so that means the yarn, when dyed, should be roughly the same colorway and pattern – you get two balls of yarn that match… pretty cool, eh? I’ll be doing my best to knit matchies with these!

This one I did by myself and totally learned that you can, inf act, use too much dye. Granted – I have FULL saturation but I also had dye going all over the place and when we wrapped and microwaved it, my bowl filled with dye and it was bubbling all over the place – the microwave is now covered in a lovely brown and berry contract… I feel pretty bad about that…. but in the end, I had more contrast than I thought I would – and if you are one of those people that like to see if they can find a pattern in a splotch (like myself), you will see a couple different faces in the yarn. creepy *laughs* I see a teddy bear, a skull, an alien – you? anyone else?  anyone?

dye1This one reminds me of a nebula.

A-with and myself dyed this one together using the left over dye from our two blanks. We poured and squished to our little hearts content (keeping in mind not to use too much dye…  that lesson had been learned by the time we got to this blank).

In the end, I really think this one turned out great as well – and it will become socks for A-with… her payment for having me over for a fun day of dying yarn. I think I came out on top with this deal *smiles*

The only other issue I see with this is that learning to dye yarn could actually make my yarn stash increase 10 fold…. I think now, the only thing that could slow me down is getting a spinning wheel – then at least I could spin it, then dye it, then knit/crochet/weave it and maybe… MAYBE then my stash wouldn’t grow faster than its used.


probably not.
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