Introducing … #naughtyknittykitty

04 Jan

cat 1For those of you who follow my Instagram Account, you have already been introduced to the newest member of our family… and by fire has she initiated us! (I would recommend anyone who likes my quick, more candid shots to follow me on Instagram).

No – that’s not a ferret… its not a bird, and its definitely not a snake with a furry tail – this is Artemis, my #naughtyknittykittyShe is about 14 weeks old now but she came to us at 9 weeks. She was born September 15th 2015 and we brought her home the day after Thanksgiving (hmmm, I was out buying yarn when we seen the adoption trailer from the APL… I didn’t know they had trailers, the man suggested we go look… I said yes – and now I have a new dangly in my blinds).

Her name, as I said, is Artemis, which is the name of the goddess of the hunt and wilderness – and she lives up to her name. The Man has started to call her “Artemis-behaving” and “Artemis-chief” – all very applicable. She is a tortoiseshell colored cat and blends very well into the shadows – its darn near impossible to see her roaming around at night.

She has two speeds – asleep or climbing the walls with a crazed look in her cat 2eye. Even with everything that she is busying exploring, attacking, or tearing up, she has a special curiosity for my craft room (go figure – she LOVES yarn… so cliche). When I go in there, I have to sneak in like a ninja and come up with  Mission Impossible plan to get out. If she gets in there, she darts around like a maniac trying to explore and find as much as she can before being kindly removed. I let her in while I was sorting yarn (big mistake) and ended up needing to reorganize my knitting patterns, put several items back into baskets, and put the trash back into the trash bag. She was on fire – granted, I had to laugh… she is just so cute when she’s doing it – even though I’m pleading with her the whole time (my pleas falling on deaf kitty ears, mind you).

She is such a different experience from Kyul, our family cat that passed this summer. Kyul was 18 and a half when she passed and had lost her ability to walk right after she turned 17. Granted, even before she lost her ability to walk, she had been a senior for so long that her kitten antics were nothing but laughable memories – and now, here we are – creating new (future) laughable memories with bites and scratches up and down our arms and legs (and picking up the garbage can she knocks down the steps). She is quite a trip!

So – while I used to hashtag Kyul as my #knittykitty, the way Art is now, I have decided she shall be #naughtyknittykitty (a play on the word knotty for yarn hah – ok, funnier in my head, I’m sure *laughs*).

I hope you enjoy future photos with out Naughty little Artemis-behaving kitty cat.



Posted by on January 4, 2016 in Not Fiber Related


2 responses to “Introducing … #naughtyknittykitty

  1. iesadora

    January 4, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    What a cutie!!!! Looking forward to seeing her antics!

  2. Ro

    February 12, 2016 at 9:03 pm

    OMG! Climbing the blinds! She’s fearless!


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