YOP 2015 Update and End

20 Dec

listI think this is my last update for YOP 2015 – I think I am done.

done done done

You may, or may not, be able to read the list here but it consists of 15 items and of that 15, 4 were not complete.

Yes, I fully expected to have had finished everything especially since the four remaining items were to be Christmas presents.

For whatever reason, between the time I added to the list and now, I made a conscious decision to NOT make these items. I do think I’ll push some to the YOP 2016 list and others will just go away. I’ll mark them as incomplete and move on.

So, that’s pretty much it for the YOP 2015 list. Keep in mind these were the preselected items for YOP 2015. What this list doesn’t show is that I finished 42 projects in 2015 (knit, crochet, sewing, etc) – and this includes a full size blanket, multiple hats, and oh so many pairs of socks (oh, the humanity!). I also only frogged 4 items.

Not too shabby if you ask me!

Now I am going to sift through my list and see if I can’t add a few YOP 2016 items to the list to get that ready for my next report out.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy New Year, and all that jazz!

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Posted by on December 20, 2015 in Rambles and Reflections


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