18 Dec


That’s the number of minutes in a week. 7 days… and you know what that means? That’s 10,080 minutes between now and when my family will be opening presents.

That’s 10,080 minutes that I have to finish knitting a pair of socks (well,

attempting to knit

The reason I am having difficulty finishing this last pair of socks.

the remaining portion of the second sock), making a clock, and sewing several more pillowcases together. Not to mention all the wrapping that needs to occur.

I got a little cocky when I finished wrapping half the presents (that I had at the time) … of course, since I have doubled the unwrapped pile again so I have to rinse and repeat that process two and a few more times to get everything I have wrapped.

Oh, and Christmas grocery shopping. That’ll be a fun little treat, although – I think I’m going to save that for Monday daytime. I took the day off work to ensure I had finished the present shopping, but as it turns out I’m fairly good in that department. So I can use the odd time of day to finish the grocery shopping.

I need to also find 1 table and 3 additional chairs. I may send a note over to the neighbor or just ask my mom to bring folding chairs.


oh boy.

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Posted by on December 18, 2015 in Rambles and Reflections


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