The “Gimme” Gift

17 Dec

pillowcase 1We are one week from Christmas and I am not done with my handcrafted gifts. I have a clock I need to make, a pair of socks I need to finish, and a TON of pillowcases to make.

The pillowcase, as of last year, became a “gimme” gift. Not “give me” but… as in – its a gimme you are gonna give me a pillowcase for Christmas.

These are super special because they are super soft and yummy – they are made of flannel. Everyone LOVED the one they got last year and every single person stated they would like another this year. So – that’s what I’m doing. I may continue to do it for the remainder of my Christmas gift giving days – I think everyone would be ok with that.

Monday night I was able to knock 2 pillowcases off my list. Then, going through the flannel I purchased during the summer, I realized I may have “mis-purchased” – you see, I try to buy a pattern that really represents the person. And its not like there is a shortage of flannel designs out there.

I made one with puppies all over it, for my step-sister, and a Star Warspillowcase 2 one. I think the only person that will be surprised to get a pillowcase is my step-sister. Everyone else kinda just knows.

I thought I was going to be giving the Star Wars case to DC, but as it turns out, I bought 2 that would be for Walking Dead… and as I was going through the pieces I have… I realized my brother does not like Walking Dead (only his wife) .. but he loves Star Wars.

Or did I intend for this in the beginning and not remember?

I really should write this stuff down!

In the end, I would really like to get to a point that all the gifts I give are hand made.

Do you make anything special for your family and friends? Is it the same thing every year or do you mix it up year after year?

Hmmmm should I post my sewing “guidelines” on creating the flannel pillowcase? Perhaps I should!


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2 responses to “The “Gimme” Gift

  1. Marsha

    December 17, 2015 at 11:10 am

    We did all handmade gifts this year and swore never again. If it is forced on you it isn’t as much fun than if you just do it cause you love doing it. I for one would love your pillowcase pattern. What a great idea for personalized gifts.

    • Cris

      December 17, 2015 at 1:28 pm

      Funny – I had this VERY conversation with a coworker today. We choose to be in the name drawing (you make that person a gift and we exchange on Christmas Eve.. but its a CHOICE). My coworker this year, her family decided it was making a single gift for every household… and she is not happy because she is not “crafty” that way. But yes – forced creation isn’t very fun. I make things because I want to. I read your blog post on it as well (this morning). I would not like forced. As for the pillowcase pattern: I should be sewing some more up tonight or tomorrow so I’ll be able to get pictures for the tutorial.


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