Ugly Christmas Sweater

16 Dec

sweater beforeThe Ugly Christmas Sweater has become almost a staple to the average holiday experience in the United States (I cannot speak for other countries so I’d be interested in your take on it). But, what used to be a true contest to make an ugly sweater has been commercialized like everything else with the Christmas season. Every store, from Kmart to Macy’s, sell their version of an Ugly Christmas Sweater… ginchy phases or goofy characters (or in some cases both) adorn the sweater selling for 12.99, most marked half off now.

It didn’t surprise me at all that Squirt’s high school spirit week this week has an Ugly Christmas Sweater day. It’s today.

Last night, I spent a large amount of my knitting time creating what I would call a TRUE Ugly Christmas Sweater – take a sweater and put stuff on it… make it as ugly as you can by adding to – not buying. The image above is the before sweater (one I am not a fan of even pre-decoration).

Disclaimer: I did not make the sweater.

sweater after

Some of the features of this lovely sweater are removable bells (in case teachers suggest she is too loud walking down the hallways), pom-pom adorned sleeves, ribbon, velvet bows, and of course, Christmas ornaments.

We definitely took a more “original” view on creating an Ugly Christmas Sweater and I do think we succeeded. It may not be store bought – but it is ugly and completely distracting.

She loved it.

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