August 20-something [Journal]

15 Dec

my faceI know that many of my readers are fellow fiber bloggers so I suppose this question is more for them – do you wake up each morning expecting to post… expecting to put some poignant words down onto virtual paper? And then, not only do you fail at being poignant in all aspects of your day that day, but you write nothing. And then… you rinse and repeat the same behavior for the next day and the day after until, as it turns out, you have done NOTHING with your blog (outside of your Instagram roll changing with every silly picture you take of your new kitten) …. ya know, since August 20-something?

I just feel like I have dropped the ball somewhere – its obvious I have (I haven’t posted since August 20-something). But its not that I haven’t had anything going on.

Aside from almost finishing my entire Christmas crafting (well, aside from wrapping up my last knit project and sewing about 10 pillow cases), I have been through a mirage of tests, 2 surgeries (well, one of those was in July but… I am totally counting it. It was surgery, for cripes sake) and lots of fun family stuff.

Surgery front – I was diagnosed with a few big ole kidney stones in July when I had my first set of stents put in (ya know, to keep my kidney from dying. woo hoo.). From that moment to the moment they were removed in late October, I was in constant pain not to mention it felt like I had to go to the bathroom every minute of every day. Sleep was near impossible although I squeaked by. The medication they put me on did not work in reducing the size of said kidney stones so I ended up having surgery – one “non-invasive” surgery (bolognasauce) and the other with an incision through my back and kidney. That took a little bit to heal. Stones were removed and I was confirmed as being stone free – but no one knows how long it will last.

Seem dramatic? Well, I grew 2 cm stones in less than 1 year which means if we don’t find out what is causing my stones to grow so big so fast, that I could feasibly face this surgery every year.

No thanks.

That is where the buffet of tests come in. I actually mailed in, what I think is, the last test. I see my specialist in January to get whatever news he has to give. I’m hoping its an obvious case of “oh dear, you eat way to much XYZ” and that’s it. But, from what he has said and my personal research, the no-no list (as I like to call it) is basically compiled of every tasty food I like to consume. No – its not junk food folks… here is a sampling of the foods on the no-no list for uric acid stones: animal protein, shellfish, herring, mushrooms, beans, lentils, spinach…. Yup. Outside of red meat, that is a list of things I love.

I did introduce citric acid back into my diet because before, I drank 90% water only (the remainder of the 10% is almond milk, green tea, white tea, red tea…. no caffeine and very very little citrus).

So – that’s where I’ve been. Of course, starting in November I could have easily come back but that’s where paragraph one comes into play. I had gotten so used to not blogging, it was just easy to continue the pattern. Granted, work has been insane and is actually coming to the big finale before the holiday… wherein I will rest (as will the rest of the program team)… that is until January 4.

I am hoping to get some other posts out in the next few days and get to a point where I have a good week of posts pre-written and ready to go, only posting “live” with project progress and my YOP 2016 stuff… and yes, my YOP 2015 post is coming soon!



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